Want to make a difference?  One lab at a time?

Practice responsible pet ownership, spay or neuter your pet.

Help us spread the word about Luvin’ Labs and labrador rescue.

Work with rescue and shelters when searching for a new friend

Help with medical bills, boarding expenses and other lab related expenses through donations.

Consider fostering a lab

Sign up to forward emails about dogs in immediate danger


Sometimes a little time goes a long way. We both work full time jobs and we would love to have help. Help can include:

Transport to vet appointment
Picking up dogs in danger at shelters
Meeting with other rescue groups
Meeting with potential adopters meetings
Walking dogs in boarding
Shopping for dog related necessities
Fostering a lab

Just hit forward

We send out emails, sometimes weekly, to folks who have helped us in the past. By each of us hitting forward to 5 folks, and if 10 folks do that, that’s 50 prospective animal loving folks! This has been by far the most effective means of helping out animals in desperate situations. If you are interested in just hitting forward, please email us at colleen@luvinlabs.com or marita@luvinlabs.com.


How about being an angel to a lab? Express your love for your lab, donate in memory of your lab, or help save a lab who is looking for their forever home.

Luvin’ Labs is in the process of a name change from Lodestar Dog Ranch to Luvin’ Labs. Under Lodestar Dog Ranch we are a 501 (c) (3) corporation and all donations are tax deductable.

Donations will be put into Dawhoo’s Fund and used to rescue, house and treat medical issues of Labrador Retrievers.

Dawhoo was our big brown eyed chocolate lab who we lost to cancer at eight and a half years old. He was diagnosed in the spring when he had a 16 pound tumor removed with his spleen. Rather than subject our big boy to more invasive surgeries and chemotherapy we chose to enjoy the remaining 7 months we had with him. We had just recently moved up to the east mountains, where he loved to hike his entire life, a bit of an eternal homecoming for him. Dawhoo was not the brightest of labs but his eyes continually shown with the love he always showed us. Dawhoo is forever in our hearts.

We miss you every day big boy, and hope to help many labs in your name.

Donations may be mailed to:

Lodestar Dog Ranch
PO Box 52212
Albuquerque, NM 87181-2212

or via PayPal at:

Together we can save one soul at a time.

‘”I am involved in dog rescue: my wallet & gas tank are always running on empty, my house is never quiet, or free of dog hair, nor is my car; my inbox is full of ongoing despair & misery, but my heart & soul are replenished by the unconditional love, loyalty and joy that can only come from a rescued dog.” Cindi Shaw