Celebrate the over 1300 dogs we’ve saved, the 28 dogs currently in the program and the hopeful dogs waiting in shelters with uncertain futures we’ll try to help.

Celebrate with us the grit, determination, hard work, frustrations, tears that each of our volunteers experience daily … all healed by a simple gratuitous lick of one of our pups, a forever home pic of a happy Luvin’ Labs dog, a successful surgery, an exuberant tail wag.

Recently we asked for help with Rocky and all of our amazing friends helped us fund his life changing surgery. Rocky is recovering well and of course, his foster is in love with him and thinking of adopting him : ) YOU made that possible .. we are so grateful.

We’ve had a recent rush of intakes, dogs without anyone else to help …. Jonah, Joey, Frankie & Johnnie, Blue & Nick, Serenity & Trinity, Roxy & Rex, Jack & Tucker, Akeyla & Keilani. Many of these are bonded pairs. We know dogs love. We know they bond be it with their sister, like Serenity & Trinity … or their mother like Rex with his mama Roxy.

Bonded pairs are hard to place. We’ve always had amazing success with great homes it just takes a bit longer to find a home willing to add two, and bless the folks that open their home and heart to a pair.

That said we are trying to find fosters for our bonded pairs, and for those stuck in our boarding situations. Have you ever considered opening your home and hearts to a foster dog? If you are interested please email us or give us a call at 505/362-0331 and we’ll fill you in on all the details.

And we are here to ask for help for each of these pups covering medical and boarding expenses.  Jonah and Johnnie unfortunately tested heartworm positive so both have to go through the full protocol heartworm treatment. Each dog needs to get their vaccines, microchip, spay or neuter and heartworm test. They all come in with bumps and bruises, and often we see happy tail … our labs just cannot quit wagging and in boarding their poor tail tips break open and require frequent treatment.

As we set course through 2017 we do so confidently, knowing the best volunteers, the best adopters, the best vet, all are there supporting us as we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the best breed of dogs, our wonderful Labrador Retrievers.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with us … what better way to love than to follow the examples put forth by our best friends … those who love unconditionally.

If you’re able, please help us celebrate through volunteering, fostering, and donating.

As always, thank you for all you do. Wishing you nothing but love this Valentine’s Day,

Colleen & all of us at Luvin’ Labs

A Heartfelt Thanks

These are the nearly 600 labs and lab mixes that have come into our rescue since 2010. Rescue is truly 1 person doing what they can to help save a life, along with all the other 1 persons doing what they can. The volunteers that search the shelter listings. The people that post them on our website and on Facebook. Those that help us by sharing each dog. The shelter workers who are willing to reach out to us and even hold onto that dog for just one more day. The transporters that help get the dog to Albuquerque. Our amazing vets who give so much to each and every dog. The volunteers that go and spend time every day with our labs that are waiting to get into a foster home. Our wonderful foster moms and dads, without whom, we couldn’t even save one lab. And the families that open their hearts and homes to adopt a rescue lab, because they understand that rescued does not mean broken. From each and every one of us in the Luvin’ Labs family, and from each of these beautiful animals behind these names, we thank you for all that you do to help us save just 1 more!!

Thank you for all each of you does for those without voices …. we, and they, are deeply grateful.

Colleen, Marita, and all of us at Luvin’ Labs

From Our Amazing Youngest Volunteer…