Blessed be Yogi …

R.I.P. YOGI ~ You brought MORE into my life than you will EVER know!

by Angela Stell on Monday, June 20, 2011 at 7:13pm

Today was supposed to be YOGI’s new leash on LIFE.  I woke up this morning feeling the usual delight that comes with knowing you are picking up a dog off of death row. It was a week ago yesterday that a wonderful city volunteer told me about YOGI, wasting away at the Albq Wside shelter, & asked if there was anything I could do. I told him to send me some pics of him w/his ID # & that I would do my very best.  The search for a foster insued. In that search, I was introduced to a very kind man, Fred Ellis, of Second Shot Pointer Rescue in Arizona. He offered to take YOGI into his program.  A temp foster was secured for YOGI while we awaited transport to Fred. YOGI was scheduled to be released to NM DDB today, 6/20/11 after his neuter.  A sponsor stepped forward to offer a presciption food diet for YOGI, which i delivered to the shelter last week, meeting him for the first time. OMG…THOSE EYES! A couple of days later, I got a report from the volunteer that it just seems like YOGI was slowly starving to death, even though he was eating ALOT.  This got me to thinking AND to worrying about what medical condition YOGI might be suffering from. I decided then that when YOGI was released, he would go directly to my vet & then Fred & I, together, would make a decision on how to proceed. I was sceduled to pick YOGI up today at 5pm.  I got a call from the shelter vet today at 2pm…this is NEVER good :( YOGI’s pre surg uncovered a very dismal medical prognosis. The vet siad “I assume you do not want to take him?” Nothing was further form the truth…I wanted to pick him up EVEN MORE!! I told her I was on my way.  I picked him up & we headed to my clinic. After a long discussion of the results of his tests, more tests & careful consideration of NM DDB & SSPR financial resources available to treat the MANY things wrong with YOGI, (medical expenses would easily climb into the 1000’s & a poor prognosis was the reality), it was decided that we were going to have to let YOGI go :( This is NEVER an easy decision to make. This is NEVER something that ANY of us want to have to do. But, it’s what I call “THE GOOD OF THE WHOLE”. In rescue, there are choices that must be made to best put to use what resources are available to help AS MANY DOGS as possible. So….with the decision made & with tears in my eyes & an ache in my heart, I loaded YOGI back up into the van & we headed to Tingley Beach, with a stop at Mc Donalds on the way. YOGI swam, ran, chased birds, splashed around with the ducks & we ate hamburgers together. I can tell you with every ounce of my being, that YOGI was the most happy he had been in a VERY long time. THIS is how I will remember YOGI, & now he is free to swim with the ducks over the bridge. Not only was YOGI a very special dog…he brought a very special person into my life, & for THAT, I will be eternally GRATEFUL to him!! THANK YOU YOGI, RIP.

Yogi and Angela

Yogi swims