Sleep well sweet boy, we are slow to learn that sometimes saving is actually setting you free. Winston traveled far to New Mexico.  The travel, transitions, change were all too much for this sweet boy.  He tried to speak to us in the only way he could … he became aggressive, lashing out at those who were trying to help him.  We saved Winston by setting him free.  Winston, we hope you are playing free of hurt on the other side. Know there were many who loved you.  Thank you for sharing your last moments with me.  Thank you for coming out here and allowing us to help you.  Thank you Winston for shaking my hand and lying in my lap, and for the quiet moments we shared.  Play with Dawhoo, and Rio and all those we’ve lost on the other side.  Sleep well Winston, you’re a good boy.  Blessed be Winston, you are always in our hearts.

amber eyes, fluid liquid
holding yours while your hands
traveled through my golden coat
velvet ears
soft words
soft voice
soft tears
falling on me
you held me
you heard me
you set me
I carried you
in my heart
long before you
met me
knowing you
would see
would know
my needs
time has been hard on me
my weary soul
I’ve traveled far
and held so
much pain inside
I lost but still
I found
around me
those who loved
despite not even
knowing me
I felt you
around me
me be free
so I sleep now
velveteen ears
covering my unseing eyes
but in my sleeping
I’m around you
still …
loving you
I breath, I laugh
I dance, I play
I am