Sometimes you come to us only for a moment, a reason, a place and time that we don’t quite understand…you were here for us today, yet gone too soon. ¬†Please know that your time with me and my time with you mattered. ¬†You are a treasure, we’ll love you and hold you as if you were still here…because Haley, you no long reside beside us, but you’ll always be in our hearts.

Blessed be sweet girl, be pain and worry free on the other side.

From all of us at Luvin’ Labs

A Special Tribute from Haley’s Foster Mom

Sweet, sweet Haley Bean – forever present never seen, Too short a life, too little time – you did your best, and you did shine. * Much love for all and freely given, How could we know you were so driven? * You loved your food, your water too – So fun to watch, such joy in you * You searched and searched for your special one, Bonds from your past that were not done. * But he was gone and you were here – We tried so hard that much is clear. * To find a family, a home, great love – We did not know what was above. * A love still waiting for their special girl – A lab we named Haley; a blessed pearl… * Who lived, and loved and died with grace – Who will forever hold a special place… * My labs are sad, they miss you so – I told them gently you had to go. * Your life was done, your path was set – Your past was calling, love must be met. * We loved our Haley, we love her still – Take care sweet Haley, take care until… * We meet again at the end of time – Over the Bridge, where you’ll be mine.