Who Rescued Who?

One of my favorite bumper stickers to see.  And really full of meaning when I think of Tinks.  Tinks was turned into the shelter at approximately 12 years old.  Yet, when I looked at her picture, it seemed incredible she was that old.  But, my view….even old dogs need a chance and anything has to be better than being euthanized in a shelter, especially since she was obviously well cared for and was probably confused and scared.  So Tinks joined my 4-legged family and was the first “foster” dog my dogs had no adverse reaction too.   For being advanced in age, she seemed to flit about my house, my yard, my heart.  Really like a butterfly.  So when a 3 year old recommended her name be changed to Tinkerbell (Tinks), I felt it fit. In the 6 months I had Tinks, she went from going on 1 hour walks, to barely making it around the block.  I sometimes had to carry her up and down the stairs, but she always wanted to be by my side.  She was suffering from advanced arthritis and starting to have some cognitive issues, yet she NEVER lost interest in at least trying a walk, or trying to play, or just needing to give a kiss.  Tinks was helped along to doggie heaven last night and I know she’s running free and long and taking time to smell the roses.  She taught me that I too, can do those things and embrace each and every moment we have.  I took Brin and Gabby on a long walk this morning and for a bit Gabby was playing with a white/yellow butterfly flying ahead of us – Thanks Tinks…glad I could help you fly again.  Thank you for gracing my life for a few months and teaching me so much.