There is a tradition in the Luvin’ Labs family that when one of our pups departs this life, the next pup we are asked to save we do so in memory of our lost best friend.  Bella (formerly Bubbles) was tragically lost to us June 4th.  That same day we learned of a small pup in a nearby shelter who had only hours to live…that pup was Joshua.


Dear Bella,

My name is Joshua and I just wanted to say thank you for my life!  Today was suppose to be my last day here on earth, but you saved me and I don’t have the words to let you know just how thankful I am.   I am just a pup and now I get a chance to experience life and have a future.  My tail just will not stop wagging…I am able to live and be loved with a chance now at a forever famly.  I am sorry it took so much from you for my life to be saved, but I promise that I will not let you down.  So thank you Bella for all the joy and happiness that is to come.

                                              Your friend forever, Joshua

Joshua’s link: