Blessed be little one, we hope you are happy and playing on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

“My name is Shalom, I am not perfect, I’m not a purebred.  I’m a black lab mix in a world of black lab mixes found wandering as a stray and taken by maybe good intentioned people to the Clovis Animal Shelter.  It’s not a bad place … they feed me and keep me safe and warm and I have water … they just run out of room. It’s a small shelter, in a smallish town with lots of people who forget that I can hear, and smell and feel.  I feel fear as the dogs walk back, one by one … where do they go?  I’m scared at night, all of these dogs barking and I’ve no place to go.  Someone loved me once.  They let me go, or I went … I can’t even remember anymore, I’ve been scared and hungry and alone for so long. So I’ll sleep, and wake up tomorrow … and be grateful for the food they give me.  And if I’m walked by someone down the aisle to the place where dogs go, at least I’ll be asleep and I can dream of that place and time … when someone loved me.”  For more information on Shalom please call soon.  Clovis Animal Shelter’s number is 575) 769-7893.  Please ask for information on cage #20. (that’s me!)