Sampson (aka Sammy) , friend and foster brother to over 150 Luvin Labs passed away quietly on Friday with all his great friends at Good Shepherd nearby.  From his first labby foster boys (Hershey and Spencer) to his last (Callahan) – Sammy was always ready to mentor and guide Luvin Labs along their way.   Sammy survived life on the streets, shelter life, dog attacks, a Heartworm positive diagnosis, and fought cancer for over a year before he finally decided it was his time and he was ready to say Goodbye.  Sammy so loved his Tennis Balls, Squeaky Toys, his little kittie friend Stewie, and his daily “walkabouts” around the yard with his best buddy Balto watching over him.   I know that he is happily romping and playing with all of his friends that are waiting to welcome him on the other side:  Delilah, Bomber, Maxie, Flash, Burton, Iz, Haley, Taffy, Mica, Trip, Cornelius,  and so many more new friends yet unmet.  Your pack really misses you sweet Sammy Boy, and we all truly appreciate you sharing your life and your time with us.  You were truly one of the special ones….