This week we lost a most special Honorary Luvin’ Lab dog.   Rumi aged 12 years owned by Indi Lab founding member  and Luvin’ Labs volunteer Rose Kahn crossed the bridge. This exceptional dudley male Labrador was foster brother to many labs in his lifetime. Rumi was brother to Blossom, a female yellow lab rescued 5 years ago from Kern County. Rumi recently was a loving foster brother to Luvin’ Labs Autumn and Moses.  He will be greatly missed and always dearly remembered. Our hearts go out to Rose at this time.

From Rose:  Rumi graced my life for 12 and a half years. They flew by! We lived outside Aspen for 2, Santa Barbara for 8, Santa Fe for 1 and traveled for a year and a half in between! He grew up in the snow, had his mid life crisis at the Ocean and Retired in the High Desert.  Rumi traveled the entire country with me by car and spent a few weeks in a small fishing village in Mexico too.  The ever sharing HOST, he shared his toys w other dogs and his bones with toddlers!  He adored puppies in the end of his life, ever patient and happy.  Rumi loved his offleash life, RAWFOOD…well any food actually…and being a therapy dog to my Myotherapy patients old and young!  He adored teaching young labs how to surf the waves, swim in a pool and catch frisbees and balls! Once I asked him to help me foster the orphan labs that came and went, he did a good job allowing them space to relax until they wanted to come out of their shells.  He had a commanding presence at 100 pounds and his happy tail NEVER broke one article here in my doll house of artifacts.  Rumi had a wag and a kiss for everyone all the time, unti the moment he passed.  He was bitten several times during his life by fearful dogs, yet never pierced the skin of an enemy.  He knew how to BARK in English….as I always knew exactly what he was saying…He was amazing at telling time too…even in different timezones his internal dinner bell would go off…and let me know that it was time to prepare the feast!  Many men friends often joined him at dinnertime…they just wanted their meat cooked!  They also said they were willing to give up being human NOW and become my dog… Rumi had a charmed life…he deserved every day. I have no regrets except for the one superpower we all wish we had..TO FIND A CURE FOR CANCER!


Dogs LOVE US for a SHORT TIME…..