Reese fought a hard battle against cancer and on December 2nd surrounded by all the wonderful caregivers at the Good Shepherd she journeyed on to her next big adventure.  Reese came to our home as a short term foster.  After a very short while, we realized she could stay with us as long as she needed.  Her gentle sweet demeanour allowed her to slip in to our lives and hearts seamlessly.  She had the most beautiful belly and she readily shared it with anyone who had a spare hand.  Her enthusiasm for eating guaranteed us two daily doses of laughter and the steady thump of her tail on the floor set a beautiful rhythm for us to move with every day.  Life at our house was not a free ride for Reese.  She worked tirelessly with her foster brother Buddy J. on kitchen patrol.  They worked as a team and never let a crumb sit on the floor for more than a second.  Thank you sweet girl for all your hard work in our kitchen and for all the love and laughs you gave to us.   We miss you.  You will live in our hearts forever. Run free and fast little one.