My name is Petey and I was found by a lady on her way to work wandering in the parking lot of a Los Lunas gas station Saturday morning.  She took me to the Valencia County Animal Shelter where I greeted the staff with my tail wagging.  I was a black lab, male, about 5 years old, very friendly and blind in my right eye.  I had a collar on, but no tag or microchip.

I was put to sleep today, because there was no space at the shelter. The rescue tried to get me, but there wasn’t time. I had a home and a family, and the good rescue folks sure hope someone loved me at sometime.

I don’t understand this thing called “space” or why I couldn’t of stayed around to find my forever family …but I hope any of you reading this will help. Help to find homes for homesless pets, help to give a good dog a chance at a loving home, help to care and to teach folks to care for those like me … we don’t have voices, we cannot speak. Will you speak for us?

Blessed be big boy, we wish we’d known you, we wish you’d known we cared … be happy, be free on the other side.