Urgent: This 7-8 year old labby girl is Mindy and she is in urgent need of a place to live- she is running out of time and options. She is a wonderful, energetic, loving and sweet dog who seems to do well with other dogs, but is not a cat lover. Mindy was delivered to a vet clinic by an elderly owner who was no longer able to keep her separate from the cats… and if we cannot find her a home she will be euthanized, per the owner. The clinic contacted us hoping that one of our awesome Luvin’ Labs families would step up and help us save sweet Mindy. The owner agreed to allow us to try to find a new home for her, but that means we must find a foster for her very quickly. Mindy is currently in a temporary foster home, but she is only able to stay there for a very short time. The foster tells us she is funny, happy girl who loves to give kisses. Mindy has some special needs: as you can see in the video she is overweight and will need a foster who can help her make better food choices and stick to her exercise program so she can slim down. She is taking arthritis medicine to help with joint pain caused by her extra weight. A healthy diet and regular exercise might eliminate the need for any medication.

Wanna help save a life? Now is your chance. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in meeting Mindy to foster or adopt. If you are interested in meeting Mindy click here for information on the adoption process.  There you will find the online application which, when completed, can be emailed to applications@luvinlabs.com. Upon receipt of the application a volunteer will be in touch with you within 3 days.  Should you have additional questions or be interested in fostering Mindy call (505) 362-0331.