Our sweet Lexie Sue said goodbye to us on Monday (2/20/12) after a 4 month battle with tongue cancer. She was 15. She fought cancer and death like no other and loved life so so much! I adopted Lexie in March of 1997 after seeing an ad in the Houston Chronicle under “Good Homes Needed” for $25. As a 1st year law student, I had no business adopting a puppy but getting Lexie that day was fate. I picked Lexie and Nicki up from a tiny trailer out in Kingwood. She was in a baby playpen with a bunch of other puppies and just one look and I knew she was the one. So off we went to start our life together. Lexie lived with me for the next 15 years – almost half of my entire life and all of my adult life. Lexie was a very regal and model dog, dogs just didn’t come easier than her. She always walked on a loose leash, never chewed up a thing in her life, was immediately housetrained, she didn’t bark or jump up on you, she enjoyed attention but after her time, was happy to go about her business, never a nip or bite, never a dog fight, always acted like a princess and was just easy. She was also the great alpha dog…only Lexie could rule a house with dogs twice her size and known for their dominance and get them to mind (I might add, better than I could)…we called her the “little mother” as she was always keeping the rest of the pack in line…even as she aged, if Buddy, Ruger, Scruffy or Sam got too hyper or out of line, she was quick to correct them and they always listened. In spite of our great sorrow of losing her, we all had to laugh that she is in heaven getting Buddy and Nicki back in line. She was also my great protector and would do anything for me. One of my dad’s favorite stories about Lexie was when my dad and I were walking Lexie, Nicki and Buddy when two big dogs came right for us rather aggressively and it was Lexie, with hair raised, that stepped in front of us all and with one look, the dogs quickly turned around and left us alone. She never asked for much and loved her life so so much. She was so content with a soft bed and a little debbie snack cake now and then. She was always model thin and acted like royalty, a star in her own right. She was a funny eater and would snub a hamburger or steak for something sweet and knew the sound of a snack cake or sweet being opened. Even as she battled cancer and was a skeleton of her former self, she fought so hard and so bravely to stay with us. The vet said they had never seen a dog fight to live like my Lexie. Time and time again, we would be told the end was near and she would fight back to stay with us, defying the odds. I think she knew how hard it would be for me to let her go. After losing Nicki in 2008 and Buddy in 2009, she did keep her promise to me to please stay with me until at least 2011 as I just couldn’t take losing her so soon after Buddy…she even went further and stayed with us through Christmas which was the greatest gift I could ask for. Lexie was with me through my life’s journey and for all of my personal ups and downs. Until the cancer, she was still able to run so fast and keep up with the younger dogs, even showing them up from time to time. She never asked for much and went with the flow of life so easily. Lexie is one of those great, easy dogs that most people dream about having in their life and that I was lucky enough to have for half my life. Saving Lexie and Nicki that day forever changed my view of homeless animals and is a big reason I got into dog rescue, so I could help dogs just like her. Thanks to Lexie so many homeless dogs have been saved. She is such a blessing to me and my family and will be greatly missed! I will miss her quiet, sweet demeanor and her love. Goodbye my dear, sweet baby – we will forever miss you.