Dear Leo,

You taught me the value of unconditional love and friendship. You were my first dog and you knew from the beginning that we would be best friends. I quickly discovered your favorite games, chew toys and big bear hugs that you loved when I came home. You also broke the rule that an old dog can’t learn new tricks. You were always learning new things everyday in your life. You never gave up on me. You showed me the threshold to a doorway that opened into a life of splendor, love and implicit trust. It seemed, at times, that it was you that cared for me; you were my guardian and guide. I loved our afternoon walks. You taught me to take a break everyday and just be in the ‘now’ with you. We cherished our time together. When your hemangiosarcoma diagnosis was certain we did not have much time left with you. On the first day we thought it was time to let you pass, you kept walking past the car to your favorite neighborhood park. You asked me to toss the ball and you sprung up and caught it as if you were three years old; and then you hung on, for months longer than anyone expected. You waited until the time was right. I miss you so much. I still hear you climb up the stairs and your groan every time you lay down. I still see your big brown eyes and your wrinkled forehead when you were curious about something or wanted to play. Leo, you were my best friend. The lessons you taught me about my own life are indescribable. I wish there was a way I could share your spirit with the entire universe and pass your lessons on to every living creature. I love you, sweet LeeLee. You will always be close in my heart. I know you are running and retrieving sticks from the river eternally now. Rest in Peace, dear Brother.

August 2001-May10, 2011.


Sena and Jason