It is with heavy hearts that we let noble Landon go today. His wounds on both his legs had festered to the point that his body was faltering. His front leg so mangled, his back leg badly infected that as we looked at the chances of him surviving surgery, and if he’d have any quality afterwards with only one remaining leg on his right side who’s surgical outcome was highly questionable for functionality. We did not feel it was fair or right to put him through it. He was loved on, cherished and comfortable in the end. Now he’s free and we hope romping with those who’ve crossed the bridge before. We’d hoped beyond hope to heal him and find him a forever home, instead he taught us how much we can love in a short time. Thank you Landon, thank you to each of you who played a part in bringing him into the fold of Luvin’¬†Labs and Good Shepherd. Blessed be sweet boy. ¬†Colleen