Heaven has a new twinkling star as Luvin’ Labs beautiful Lacey left us to join so many that have been lost.  We didn’t know how sick this sweet baby was until she was gone.  Lacey in her short time with us captured the hearts of many, particularly one special little girl who wanted Lacey as her forever best friend.  We miss you Lacey…run free sweet baby girl. Blessed be Lacey …


To Lacey from her foster mom:

When I first saw you through those bars
I just started to weep
My hopes came true
They rescued you!
Now you would come to me

I thought you safe
I thought you happy
I thought your future bright
A little girl was waiting for you
To cuddle through the night

We had our fun for a short time
You heard coyotes howl
Oh see that donkey on the field?
What is that?! Should you growl?

I come back home
Your bed still there
Your chicken soup is cold
Sweet Lacey I cannot say how you have touched my soul

I think you sweet
I think you safe
I think you running free of pain
Please wait for me on the other side
Then we can hug again