… “by watching my parents with our pets, I learned that even though death takes them away from us way too soon, it’s still worth loving them with our whole hearts while they are here; not holding back for fear of the pain that will certainly befall us when they go. Today we mourn the passing of another sweet, loving, brave, gentle soul.  Kodi’s delightful spirit brought us joy and comfort over the years, especially the years when my parents spent long days and sleepless nights nursing our other brave little lab through her terminal illness.  We were lucky to have Kodi’s company for many years, and blessed to have had extra time with him through excellent veterinary care, but it still wasn’t long enough.  One comfort I cling to as I mourn this loss is to know that he is with our other little girl now.  Their spirits are frolicking together with no pain or sadness, only blissful joy.  We miss you, Kodi. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for showing us how to love them with our whole hearts, even knowing we will one day have to say goodbye. What could be better in this life than to know and love these creatures who love us so unconditionally back?  Maybe having a family like ours to lean on when they go.” from Kodi’s human sister Leslie.