Cody was 90 pounds of magnificent gentleman. We would kid about the fact that he never licked us, never rolled on his back for a belly rub and had no tolerance for other dogs who did not respect the space he believed, as an elder, was his.  This space was respected by dog and cat alike. (For the last couple years of his life he came to us for good solid ear rubs out of sight of the other dogs and did the “puppy dance” before his meals for as long as his crumbling legs would hold him.)  To some folks he may have seemed aloof, but he was a dog comfortable in his skin. He knew who he was and he liked it.

We’ve seen many dogs in our day but we have never seen a dog with as beautiful a “trot,” that pace between walking and running. Cody turned that speed into one of sheer splendor. He seemed to float forward.  It was a dirty trick of nature to give him cancer in his left back leg and took away from us forever that vision that could get your heart smiling.

The dog Gods blessed us with Cody for more than 12 years and I can’t remember the last time I marveled at his glide. As so often happens in life we never know the last time we are going to experience something and that something will have to live in our memory forever. Cody has taught us to experience those times real hard.

Cody’s pain ended July 16, 2011. Our pain began that same date.