In wishing Hero happiness and freedom from pain on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We hope he was met by many of our loved departed friends … Dawhoo, Cody, Winston, Taffy, Barron, Rosie, Daphne, Chip, Marley, Harley, Flash and Mandy. Hero, you are in the best company brave boy.

Many of you don’t know Hero’s story … he came to us the 24th of September … with help from Dion and Peter … and went to Good Shepherd on Monday for surgery on his testicles which were ripped open and infected. He did ok for about a week, but his weak body fought infection. He had a second surgery this week and kept failing. Special thanks to all of the Good Shepherd staff for showing Hero that people loved him and cared for him. Tasha … thank you for being with him until the end. Dion and Peter, thanks for working so hard to get him to us so fast.

We named Hero because of who he was. Despite the pain, hunger and misery he must of been in while wandering as a stray he was observed every day walking kiddos to the school bus stop and then waiting there to walk them home at the end of the day.

Hero, you were a gentle loving soul who at only a year old had a horrible life. I hope in the end you left knowing how deeply you were loved and what a profound impression you left on many of our lives.

We will be establishing Hero’s Fund, to raise funds and awareness for the many wonderful black dogs in shelters. Funds will be used to rescue and rehabilitate black Labrador Retrievers.

From your family at Luvin’ Labs … we love ya big guy.

Blessed be Hero.