9/10/2013 – Harley, you fought the battle bravely, but there came a time where you could not hide your pain from the humans that loved you.  Run free from pain sweet Harley…you are missed by so many…your Animal Crackers, Good Shepherd and Luvin’ Labs families.

From your BFF Anthony:  Thank you Harley, we miss you now and always. The best “walking dog” in the world! At 15 years he always had a spring in his step and truly loved everyone he met. I named him Harley because when I rescued him, he could “hardly” wait for me to rescue him! Thank you all who contributed to making Harley’s sunset phase a positive one, especially the team at Good Shepherd.

Hi! My name is Harley and I’m a beautiful senior golden retriever. I was rescued by Animal Crackers after my owner left me wandering on the side of the road.  I don’t understand why he didn’t want me anymore … I’m still a good boy with lots of love to give.  I love leaning against you and softly swishing my beautiful tail.  The loving folks at Good Shepherd Animal Clinic say that I’m terminal, but I don’t quite know what that means.  I’m hoping someone out there can spare a soft bed, sweet pets and love for me (oh and lots and lots of TREATS!).  I may not have a lot of time left but the time I have I’d love to spend in a home … can that be yours?

Harley has a tumor on his spleen. Because of his age we are unable to do a spleenectomy, the surgery is just too risky. He is fully funded and all of his medical and nutritional needs will be met by Luvin’ Labs.  If you are interested in providing that soft bed, sweet pets and love, please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to applications@luvinlabs.com.  Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.