all of these puppies will be put to sleep on 11.9.10 because they may have distemper in the shelter and these puppies may be sick … poor wee little ones … blessed be, we’re sorry we couldn’t save you …. we tried

Cage 26…….not a loving way to describe where we are.  Can anyone out there help us before our time is up?  We were abandoned in a field by a not so nice person and now have been found but are in transition, we hope, in Clovis at the Shelter.  They don’t keep dogs like us for long here before we are taken to that room of no return.  What we really need is some caring person to take interest in us QUICKLY!  Could you be that savior we have been hoping for?  Please phone Clovis Shetler at 575-769-7893 and ask about animal ID 337790 in Cage 26 before they take us to the room of no return.