Ginger…grateful, smart, kind, joyful.  She left us with grace and dignity surrounded by people who loved and cared about her.

Ginger was dumped in a high-kill shelter by friends of her family at their request to spare the family the pain of having to say good-by to the dog that had been a loyal family member for her entire 13 years of life.  The dog that greeted them everyday with her wagging tail, playing with her kids, snuggling with the people she loved with all her heart wanting only to be the best for them.  Left lying on a cold floor by herself, frightened by all the strangeness around her, not knowing what to expect next.

Ginger spent her last 3 months with a loving foster family, surrounded by excitement, energy, attention and love…and she reciprocated in kind to a family that she didn’t know just 3 months ago.

Just a kind reminder…when it’s time of your dog to go, put on your bravest face and be with them…hold their paws, cradle their head, comfort and love them.  It’s not the vet’s job or the shelter’s job or your friends’ job…

Ginger’s foster family misses her personality, her joy, her little crooked smile…”she was awesome and we were so, so lucky to know her”.

Because of Ginger’s awesome foster family, Ginger truly knew forever love.

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