Sweet Dee…your family left you and your sibling pup at the shelter…moving without you…heartbroken.  You lost your home, your family and then your sibling who was put into foster.  The good folks at the shelter found you another older soul to curl up with while they looked for a place for you.  Sweet as can be and always so happy to be with other dogs, you were scared and shaking at the shelter.  Luvin’ Labs foster Jonie opened her home, her heart and her packs’ love to you.  You were with us only 6 short days, curled up with Jonie and foster sister Princess at night, until you restlessly lay down on your own and passed.  Please know sweet girl that many loved you, cared for you and are holding you still.  You’re in the best of company on the other side and our wish for you is knowing the unconditional love and sheer joy that you shared while you were with us…Blessed be sweet Dee.

Folks, don’t be surprised if you hear from us that these pups can simply lie down and die from heartbreak; we’ve seen it happen again and again.  Nine years old and left to die…we’re glad she was loved and in our care when she decided to cross over…Colleen