My name is Daphne.  The rescue that was coming for me named me that … it’s a pretty, springtime name that reminded them of my rescue sister Dahlia who just passed away.  I’m a good girl.  I’m trying to lie pretty in this picture.  I hope you think I’m pretty too and see what a good girl I was.  I had a foster mama waiting for me tonight, and a forever home waiting out there for me.  I never got a chance to meet my foster mom, or to play and love and care for my forever family.  Instead, this morning, because the shelter is too full (I don’t understand this, because there’s always lots of dogs in these places), they came to get me.  I was so excited because I thought maybe, maybe I was going somewhere … for a walk … to play with someone … to get some pets … to get to go HOME!  My tail was wagging and I was smiling my labby smile, but the man was very serious.  He took me back to a room, and they held me.  The way they were holding me, the smells in the room, the bags in the corners with my sleeping kennel mates … I started to shake, so they held me tighter.  My paw began to burn, my heart swelled, my heart stilled.  The room grew smaller and smaller, and my eyesite disappeared.  My body ceased to exist anymore, and I crossed over.  I’m hoping to be met by some of the luvin labs who’ve gone before me … maybe I’ll meet my namesake Dahlia.  But please … don’t forget me.  All I wanted was to love, all I wanted was to be loved. My name is Daphne. I’m a good girl.  Remember me?  Remember those like me, left behind, abandoned, lost, unloved, scared. Care for them?  Share my legacy? Save a lab?

Blessed be Daphne.  We never met you, but we loved you.  You mattered, you’ll be missed, we’ll save many in your name.