Chip was abandoned by his family who said he was “too old” and they left their faithful companion at the city shelter.  Chip was taken in by Good Shepherd Animal Clinic and loved on by all the wonderful folks there.  This good ole boy, who always had a wag and a doggie grin for everyone, passed away this morning, August 30, 2010.  Chip was so fortunate to have Cindy and the Good Shepherd staff loving on him, caring for him, and being with him on his last days ….  Chip died of a broken heart, waiting for the people who abandoned him.  We wish you well big boy, with your velveteen ears and beautiful chocolate coat.  We hope you are playing free and happy on the other side, and that you know how many people cared for you here in your last weeks.  Thank you for being a part of our journey Chip, though your time here was short we understand you had to move on.  Blessed be big boy, your a good boy.