Burton new leash red
Photo Courtesy of David Martinez at www.davidmartinezphotograph.com

From Burton’s Foster Mom:

We lost our sweet Bertie Boy, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Friday.    He gave his usual happy Goodbye greeting that morning – but was gone that afternoon.  I will miss your joyful demeanor and the wonderful spirit that you brought to my pack….your big eyes and your forever wagging stubby tail…your desire to be with me all the time…your zest for life and your habit of using the  yard like your personal racetrack…running lap after lap at full speed, but stopping on a dime when I called your name.  You seemed like you had finally “gotten it” and understood what it meant to have a home where you found love and friendship and happiness and belonging.  Your best buddy Balto really misses you and I still find myself calling your name and expecting you to come bounding up – full of energy and life and ready to go on our next adventure.    Unfortunately for all of your friends here;   your last adventure will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge – but you will find so many wonderful friends that have gone on before you and so many new adventures that are out there just waiting for you.… We will meet again,  so save a place for me and always remember that you are my special boy and you are so loved… you will be in my Heart forever…take care always….

Run Free Burton – 9/27/2013


 Burton new standing

Photo Courtesy of David Martinez at www.davidmartinezphotography.com