Bridgette was found but a wonderful women named Mary of Rez Dog Rescue lying on the side of the road.  Mary drove back to help her, and flagged down a car to help her lift Bridgette into the car.  Bridgette was paralyzed on her hind end, and her stomach and chest were rubbed raw from mange and or trying to pull herself somewhere, anywhere …

Mary nursed Bridgette through the night and made the decision on Sunday to take her to the Albuquerque Emergency Clinic to have her evaluated and see what the possibility was of helping her recover.

Bridgette, who was incredibly sweet and loving, and ever so grateful for the food and water Mary gave her, had been shot.  The bullet chipped off a piece of her spine.  Her chances of recovery after a very costly surgery were very slim, so she made the very hard but right decision to let her go.

Bridgette we wish you peace a relief from your pain and suffering over the Rainbow Bridge.  We know in life many people failed you, we hope in your death you felt the love and caring from so many who were wishing you well.