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Angus, previously known as Gibbs, was a gorgeous red and very sweet, 100 lb lab.  He was found as a stray in El Paso, Texas and fortunately ended up in the great care of Luvin Labs.  He was thin then, only 80 lbs with ribs showing, but happy to be alive and to be taken care of.  He fit in perfectly with our family and became instant buddies with his black lab mix sister, Stella.  Eventually, his BFF sister, Nala, also a stray that we found in our neighborhood, came along to make his life complete.  He was the steady rock Nala needed and poured affection on anyone who would let him.  He was a foodie, always excited for meal time.  He went on many a long walk with his sisters and human dad that he always enjoyed.  He also became a pretty good swimmer and enjoyed fetching, which usually Nala would interrupt with a game of chase.  We frequently referred to him as Velcro because he was always at his mom or dad’s side.  He was also affectionately referred to as Mangus, Mango, GusGus, Big A and a Gus, and Big Guy.  He died unexpectedly and too young of causes unknown.  We miss him terribly.  From Angus’ Forever Family