We found Max and Kaia before moving to New Mexico in 2006. I saw their picture on the Lodestar Labs web page and immediately fell in love with them. For more than a month I looked at that web page every day hoping nobody would take them until I got to New Mexico. As soon as we arrived, Mike and I picked them up. It was love at first sight!
Max had the bark of a Great Dane and the soul of a child. He was a gentle, sweet and mischievous. It seemed you could hear him from miles away and he was always enthusiastic about everything. We hiked, camped, went swimming, and traveled all over the country. There was no way we could ride in the car with him without getting our ears wet, he would always sneak up on us . Max was my buddy, my fetcher, my best swimmer and runner. He played hide and seek like the best of them! Max was full of surprises; he would gather all the “lost socks” in my house and put them in a pile for me to wash. He brought his dish when he was hungry and knew how to pose when he wanted to get on the couch. I tucked him in every night. He loved that… nuzzling his head always under his blanket and curling up with his favorite toy: a stuffed turtle.
I learned a lot from Max. He taught me how to be silly and how to be brave at the end. I will always treasure the time I got to spend with him.
Max, we miss you so, so much. When I look at your sister, I sometimes see you in her expressions and I miss you more. I hope we lived up to your expectations as you did to ours. You are in our hearts every day and will be always.