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Here is a list of foods that dogs should not have.  Remember to always check with your vet whenever you change your dog’s diet.
Baby Food
Cat Food
Chocolate, coffee, tea, or other caffeine
Citrus oil extracts
Grapes and raisins
Human vitamins containing iron
Large amount of liver
Macadamia nuts
Milk or dairy with lactose
Onions and garlic (raw, cooked, or powder)
Peaches and plums with pits
Potato and potato stems
Tomato leaves and tomato stems
Raw eggs
Raw fish
Sugary foods
Yeast dough.

These are some basics.  Also remember that things like Alcohol, Bones from fish, poultry and other meats, Fat trimmings, Moldy or Spoiled foods, Tobacco, and Table scraps are never good for pups

Finding a Labrador Retriever

New Mexico Shelters and Organizations

If your pet is ever lost …

Try a service where they call your neighbors and notify shelters for a fee. (If the link doesn’t work in your browser type in the web address.)

or… Sign up for the east mountain pet alert e-alerts by submitting your email address to:

Resources to help you find a home for your lab

Contact Luvin’ Labs, we will try to help

Local Newspapers


Rescue Groups

When rehoming your pet please take the time to do so responsibly.