Yesterday afternoon, one of our worst calls … and I’m sure even worse for the family to make…

Our beloved Sampson and Delilah, now Sam and Emma, were lost while their forever family was up cutting their Christmas Tree in the Jemez forest.

Samspon and Delilah came to us from the Roswell Animal Shelter, where a rescue there pulled them for us the day they were to be euthanized.  They are the sweetest, kindest, most loving dogs … both totally embodying the undying ability of dogs to love unconditionally.  An obvious breeder pair kept in a small pen, Sam was starved so that his Delilah could eat, and feed the puppies they’d so obviously recently had.  Both had pressure wounds from being in a pen, dumped at a kill shelter when they were no longer “wanted”, and saved in the nick of time.  A sister rescue transported them here to Albuquerque where we worked with our fosters to get both spayed and neutered, then into seperate foster homes to recover, and eventually, blessedly, placed together in the same loving home.  A long story, but a lot of loving folks helped Sampson and Delilah on their way to their forever home …

Their family made herculean efforts to find their Sam and Emma, and as soon as we were notified all of our volunteers and supporters began networking to try and help.

And best of best news … yesterday around 5pm …Sam and Emma HOME and SAFE!!! … here’s their story.  Thank you to everyone for your amazing networking and quick help … we are so appreciative of each and every one of you!

from their mom … ” The dogs are home safe and sound.  A lovely couple found them on NM 126 east of Cuba; as best we can figure from the map, they did something that defies logic–they ran north over a steep ridge instead of down the valley or even up the valley or over the ridge that leads into the La Cueva valley.   They met up with NM 126 past Fenton Lake and then ran toward Cuba.  We think they covered at least 20 miles.  They are very tired and their paws are sore, but they have no other injuries.  They were very hungry and we are feeding them small amounts at a time.   They also drank a fair amount of water, though they probably had water on their journey from the Rio las Vacas. They seem very content on their cushy beds in a warm house”

There’s a big lesson here folks, and one we try to convey to each and every adopter … now we will try even harder.  DOGS WILL BE DOGS … PLEASE DO NOT EVER LET YOUR DOGS OFF LEASH! You cannot blame a dog for being a dog, and chasing a rabbit or a butterfly or a wonderful scent.  Our job is to keep them SAFE from harm which translates into keeping them with you.   No matter how well they respond to you, how well trained they are, what a good job you’ve done with them, how much you love them and how loyal they are to you you cannot take the instinct out of an animal … they will still act like dogs and run and play.  PLEASE keep your pups safe. A note from the family will be following soon, showing their heartbreak, and guilt, and loss at a very human, very simple, never forgotten mistake.

From all of our packs to your pack …. We wish a you a Happy, Blessed, Safe Holiday Season!

– All of us at Luvin’ Labs