Congrats to Max, Luvin’ Labs’ #1000 adoption, and his new family!

And Max has his own special story.  Last week we received a call from a lady in El Paso.  Her father had passed away and they were desperate to find his beloved lab Max a place to go.  At 7 years old Max was a loyal companion to her dad since a puppy, even saving her dad’s life when he went into a diabetic coma on 2 occasions.  They had just arrived from out of state and would be leaving to go back in 2 days; taking Max back home with them was not an option.  They had checked with the local shelter and found that as an owner surrender Max would have no chance of finding a home.  They did a search of possible rescues and found Luvin’ Labs.  That was Wednesday afternoon…

Colleen and her crew of volunteers immediately stepped into action.  Shirley, another rescue’s volunteer in El Paso, offered to transport Max from El Paso to Las Cruces.  David, a Luvin’ Labs volunteer, agreed to meet her in Las Cruces and bring Max to Albuquerque.  Thursday afternoon Max was in Albuquerque to begin his quest as a Luvin’ Labs dog looking for a new forever home.

Susan and Al had been in search of a new best friend after losing their 12 year old lab in July.  While they had met several dogs, none seemed to be “their dog” until they met Max.  And Max, after coming so close to being homeless and on death row, went as a very happy dog to his new forever home today.  And Luvin’ Labs celebrated not only his homecoming, but the 999 other labs that have found homes thru the tireless efforts of all of us at Luvin’ Labs.

Welcome home Max!