Meet our Cocoa … now known as Koki by her beloved family.

Cocoa came to our rescue a long time ago after being resuced by Golden Retriever Rescue of El Paso with her sister.  Cocoa and her sister Lacey were at the El Paso shelter, they were saved and put into boarding.  Boarding and foster and boarding and foster and somehow poor Lacey became ill with distemper.  Poor Cocoa nursed her sister and eventually lost her.  She came to Albuquerque and we placed her in what we thought was a loving home, only to have her adopter dump her at the Valencia County Shelter where shelter workers called and we had a volunteer pick her right up.  Cocoa then went back to her foster home and evenutally went home to Ivy, her loving forever home where she is able to go to work with her mom.

Beautiful Lacey

Ivy and her hubby started fostering for Luvin’ Labs.  Their first foster was our boy Coby, badly in need of a loving home and care after his surgery.

Our two legged hero’s?  Ivy and hubby for taking in Coby and the big commitment of caring for a recent amputee.

Our canine hero?  Koki and her tlc and love that helped Coby to know that life as a three legged dog was worth living, and that even tho he was in pain he could still enjoy loving and play.

Thank you Koki, you’ve taught us that despite losses and hardship and pain the ability to continually give is the biggest gift of all ….

love ya girl …..

all of us at Luvin’ Labs