Walking nicely

We are SO pleased that we were able to have our first Luvin’ Labs Fostercare Seminar with trainer Arie Deller.  The weather was perfect – warm with a beautiful perfume of Russian Olive blossoms in the air, –  and we had a nice attendance of new,  perspective and experienced foster families, including some from a few other rescue groups.

Arie was so generous to put on this free seminar to help our Foster Families learn how to deal with some of the issues that we come across in bringing home a new foster dog.   She is quite knowledgeable about the things we deal with, and was able to give us some good pointers on how to help these dogs along their journey to a new adoptive home while they are waiting in foster care.  She obviously cares very much about the welfare of these dogs and has worked with several rescue organizations, including Luvin’ Labs.

We got some great info on helpful supplies, introducing the new foster dog to the family (people and dogs and cats), preventing jumping, exercise ideas, crate training how-to, and walking nicely on leash.  Arie had some neat tips that will make these things easier.

We hope to have other seminars coming up that will deal with other issues that foster families come across, including behavior issues.  Arie is open to suggestions for topics that would be helpful, so if anyone has things that they would like to see addressed in upcoming seminars, please let us know.

Our own Luvin’ Labs Watson was also a wonderful assistant in the demonstrations with Alexa, and whoever adopts this gorgeous, sweet boy will be so fortunate.   He is available for adoption with his buddy, Sherlock who he is very bonded with.

A very big, heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Arie and her dog, Sarge for putting on this seminar for our fosters and for the helpful handouts.  And thanks too, go out to Dogtown for allowing us to use their facility, and to everyone who turned out for this seminar.  We also had another very nice demo dog who helped Arie, but I am sorry I missed his name!

If you are interested in becoming a Foster Family for Luvin’ Labs, we need you!  Click here for our foster application.

Nelda, Luvin’ Labs Foster Coordinator

Watson proper dog meeting