Did you know that large black dogs are commonly the last to be adopted?  This phenomenon is referred to by shelters and rescues as black dog syndrome.  Black dogs are often more difficult to find homes for and among the first to be euthanized.  Their fate lies not with their ability to love, their personality or their intelligence, but merely the color of their coat.

We ask you to come meet our awesome black dogs currently in the rescue…Cody, Jayda, Jett, Nan, Sasha, Baiden, Hope and Bandit, Danae, Britney, Vader, Calvin…all have their own story to tell and all are looking for that loving forever home.  Or visit your local shelter…you’ll quickly see this phenomenon, but you’ll also see what wonderful treasures are there wrapped in black fur.

Thinking of adopting…check out the 10 reasons you might want to consider a black dog…