Buddy is our big goofy yellow lab.  Buddy came to us a year ago from the Clovis shelter via a very special animal advocate in the area.  He weighed 64 pounds and was severly undernourished.  Buddy has had tons of medical issues.  His ears were so infected when he first came home that it took almost a year to clear them up.  Unfortunately the constant ear infections resulted in his eardrums being eaten away.  Buddy also was in some sort of accident that left his left rear leg an inch shorter than the rest, the femur healed at a ninety degree angle in the wrong direction and he will eventually require surgery.  After months of TLC, veterinary care and good holistic nutrition Buddy now is a bouncy, 100 pound 2 year old!  He is our biggest lap dog, our biggest goof, and the pup most attached to me at the hip all the time.  Buddy, thank you for choosing our home as yours!  You make us laugh daily, and you warm my side nightly!