The backbone of our rescue is those caring individuals who offer to open their homes and their hearts to the many unwanted souls who find themselves on a shelter list that counts their future existence in hours or even minutes.  We rescued these dogs often just moments before they are scheduled to be euthanized.  We can only do this based on the resources we have as a rescue, one of the most essential being somewhere for them to go.  For those of you who don’t know, when we don’t have fosters available, Luvin’ Labs boards dogs at a boarding facility in Albuquerque at a daily cost.  We typically have 6 dogs in boarding, those numbers fluxing higher and lower depending on the number of fosters we have.  While boarding enables us to rescue more dogs, the ultimate goal is to get these dogs into foster homes.  Our fosters play such an essential role as they help these dogs begin their recovery and transition process prior to finding their forever homes.  We make every effort to match a dog with their foster very much like we do their forever home.

Does fostering involve work?  You bet…To take a dog who has been dumped, ended up as a stray or recovering from this or that to transition into an adoptable dog…it’s work that involves lots of training, love and patience.

Is fostering hard?  You bet…Daily you’ve chores and vet visits and leash training; all done with the emotional knowledge that this very being you’ve allowed into your home and heart will eventually leave you.

Is fostering emotionally draining?  You bet it is.

Is fostering rewarding?  Just look at the faces of those pups on our forever home page and those in our adoption success stories…those without voices whose very life would not have been possible without their fosters.  Daily I look at my own foster failures Buddy and Sammie…they make my life whole and complete.  They are so worth my fostering them.

We are currently full.  Plainly spoken, we can intake no more animals until we find forever or foster homes for those currently in our care.  We desperately need fosters for  Mystery, Baiden, Hope, Caleb, Jax, Samantha, Lacey, Sasha, Wilson, Duncan, and Murphy.  Please help us as the next phone call we get asking us to rescue a lab, who through no fault of its own will die, we will tearfully have to say no, we cannot help.

Please…don’t you have room in your heart, don’t you have room in your family, for just one more?