Notes  from our adopters …

Red & Razzle

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 5.13.54 PM

When we retired in June our dream was to travel with our labs, Rozie (13) and Snickers (12 ½), for a couple of years before settling down. We were devastated when, within a month of our travels, both of our best friends had to be put down. It took us a few months to stop grieving and to be willing to open our hearts to another dog. It had to be a lab, but also, we wanted to get a shelter dog instead of going to a breeder. It is difficult to adopt a dog when you’re living in an RV. We contacted Luvin Labs and they were able to see beyond the usual housing requirements and meet with us. Alexa and Joan asked us to consider two 5- year old sisters, Red and Razzle, who they wanted to keep together. We have always had two dogs so this was more than we could ever had hoped for. It was love at first sight. The RV was a whole new mobile environment for Red and Razzle, which changes with each new location and campground. Over the next few months we were amazed at how well they adjusted. They are now happy campers! And, they have filled a hole in our lives. We are so grateful to everyone at Luvin Labs for making this possible.

Zoey (aka Topaz)

Zoe on beach

We just wanted to let you know what an incredible dog Zoey is! We love her without limit. She just took a 3 week road trip with us and everyone fell in love with her…kind, well behaved and delightful. Most of all, she LOVED running on the beaches in Carmel. I am going to try to attach a photo.
Thank you again for helping us find her!!!!

Jay (aka Jenga)


Thanks to everyone at Luvin Labs for helping Zac find and adopt Jay (formerly Jenga)!  Here are some pictures of them on the day they met.



Jazzy’s been doing wonderful and Cooper loves having a sibling! She’s super sweet and cuddly but loves to run around and play too–so it’s been a perfect fit!



I just wanted to send you an update on Rudy. We took a road trip up to New York a few weeks ago and he absolutely loved it! I have attached a few pics.  He is just the sweetest puppy and has the cutest personality. People constantly ask where we got him and I always send them Luvin’ Labs info and encourage them to adopt. He and Jax have formed quite the bond and it’s so great watching them together. Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy the pics!

Daisy (aka Kasey)






Ace is doing great. He has made himself right at home. He has enjoyed a few walks, trips to Petsmart, playing fetch and a lazy Sunday afternoon sleeping on the couch.


PonchoFH copy

Poncho is wonderful!!!  We are really enjoying getting to know him!  He is very affectionate and sharp as a tack–he sits and stays for us and is walking pretty well on the leash with us.

Queenie (aka Classique Q)


Argos, Devin & Queenie

Classique Q, now Queenie or QQ, is settling in very well. She uses the dog door and has been a lovely lady the past two days.



We feel blessed! Thank you!


Willa (aka Anuva)


She feels like part of our family, but of course, she felt like that before she got here and her being here has just confirmed that sense. We look forward to all the things we will do with the girls this Spring and Summer, and to working with her so that she is stimulated and feels safe here. Thank you for all your efforts!

Henry (aka Pilot)

Pilot 1

Henry and Charlie were running around and chewing on each other for a pretty long time, finally, like Charlie used to do with old dog Joe.  This is why we got Henry, and it’s working. Happy Me!

Spud is settling in nicely.  He is getting used to our routine and now knows what to expect in terms of feeding time, walks, etc. He is getting tons of love and attention.  I sing Happy Birthday to him every day and he rolls over on his back as soon as I start singing.  By the way, I’m not good, but he seems to think so!

Daphne (aka Petunia)


We have had her for over two months and she is fitting in brilliantly with our other two dogs. She runs the house. Having spent the first 9 months of her life in a kennel, I find it hard to believe that she is SO loving and SO willing to learn. Thank you for rescuing her so that we can love her for the rest of her life!

Lexi (aka Eliza)

Lexi with new brother Taj

Lexi with new brother Taj

Eliza (now Lexi) had her checkup today at the vet.  She is doing great, no more heart worm.  We go back in 4 months to make sure she is clear forever.  We are doing great, she is such a great dog.  She is a quick learner and we are in love!  Here she is with our dog Taj.  Look at her tail, so excited it is blurry!









Happy, happy, happy…the Baca Family

Molly (aka Cassie)


Molly is super sweet, she loves Porter and he is starting to come out of his shell.  She already knows how to use the doggie door and now we’re working on “sit”.  Hard to believe how sweet and loving she is knowing the hard life she has had.  I’m pretty sure she thought she was in heaven last night with the super yummy dinner I made her and the air conditioner set at  72 degrees all night  and the ceiling fan on low ?  She truly is the definition of a lab.



Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 4.55.42 PM

I thought I’d send you this picture of Moe and my grandson.  Moe doesn’t just tolerate my grandson, but he seeks him out to love and protect him.  Adopting this sweet dog was one of the best things I ever did.  Thanks to Luvin’ Labs for finding and saving him.




Thank you for allowing us to have her as part of our family — she is awesome!

Crissy (aka Mistletoe)


Crissy is doing really good.  She stays in the yard now.  She and Mater are best buds and she follows him most everywhere which is no easy task.  She loves to run.

Boo (Previously Corey)


From his forever new mom, “We are loving Boo ( that’s what we’re calling him now) so much! It’s hard to imagine a time without him. He’s such a good boy too! I’m so grateful we found each other! He loves lying on the couch with us and thinks he can fit perfectly on our laps! I don’t think he’s realized how big he is. He also likes chasing his yellow ball and playing with his favorite orange squeak toy. He’s good with my boys too. So lucky to have him!”



Hello Colleen and friends,
We took our Luvin’ Lab pal, Parker, over to the “Plunge” in Rio Rancho last Saturday. I wanted to see if he likes water and would enjoy a swim. We got there just at the last minute and found out he is utterly uninterested in wading or swimming. It was fun anyway. Fortunately, the local Rio Rancho paper took a picture of my youngest, Diego,” trying to keep up with Parker who was exiting the pool area as quickly as possible. They printed it with several others on the front page.
By the time we finished at the pool, the event was over and we had missed visiting your booth. Sorry about that – I had looked forward to seeing you and thanking Luvin Labs for bringing us together with Parker.

Zoe (Formerly Dahlia)


She’s the best!

Velvet (Formerly Bebe)

Velvet (BeBe), Charlie Bear, and Luvin Labs alumni Shiloh (Mia)

Velvet (BeBe), Charlie Bear, and Luvin Labs alumni Shiloh (Mia)

BeBe is now Velvet and she’s doing great;  having the time of her life with her new friends and room to run. 



Sammy is a continuous source of joy and laughter in our home.  We can’t believe how lucky we are to have found him.  Thanks Luvin Labs for giving him the chance to find us.


Jeulianna (aka Annie) & Dreamer


Just wanted to send you an update! Both girls are doing great, having fun exploring and Bernadette has taught them how to use the doggie door. The cats are slowly making an appearance :O) Thanks again for everything.




Picked him up today!!! Thanks for everything, he’s the new love of my life! We named him Hurley :-)



Cabela is doing great!  I think she is fully integrated into our home and seems to love it.  She gets plenty of love and attention from all the kids, and plenty of exercise.  She has formed a pattern that in the morning she likes to go into all the kids’ rooms and nose them to wake them up so they will play with her.  It’s really pretty sweet.  She is so well behaved and has a great temperament.  She is fantastic and the perfect addition to our family.

Cabela-1 copy




This loving girl is getting the opportunity to be a puppy: playing,  discovering,  and learning.  She has met her extended family and figured out she is the “baby” of the family.
In particular, she has taken to Chaco, the Golden Retriever, who lets her play with his toys and get on his bed.
Mom has taken her to Open Spaces, markets,  Acequia trails, parks, and around the neighborhood, of course.
So many more places to visit!

Grundy (aka Drake) and Chaucer (aka Lobo)

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.09.34 AM

Look who was helping me do my yard work yesterday !

Grundy (about 110 lbs.) is doing great, adjusted happily; and Chaucer (nearly 100 lbs.) is happy happy. They get along fine, and their daily loooong walks are the highlight of their day.  Well, after Dinner, of course.  Well, besides Breakfast.  Sleeping beside our bed in their own comfy dog beds is their favorite part of their day.  No wait, getting biscuits is their absolute FAVORITE !  Besides hanging out in the yard helping me do yardwork, that’s definitely their favorite part of their day.

As you can see, they are LOVED.

Hardy (aka Zeus)


Just saying hey, and how grateful we are with Hardy!! He is truly a blessing to our family, unlike anything we could have imagined! He is also a true blue, first rate, Ham!



Jodi (yellow Lab) and new sister Stella (black Lab and Luvin’ Labs alum) – I wanted to let you know that Jodi arrived this afternoon and immediately made herself at home. After checking out the house, she gave everyone kisses and then went out in the yard with Stella and the two of them tore around out there together at top speed for a good 20 minutes. She even ran back and forth along the fence line with Stella and the neighbor dogs for a while. There’s been a lot of vigorous tail wagging, so that’s a good sign.  She’s also been very respectful of Charmaign, and even brought him a toy while he was sleeping earlier.

Jodi really is a sweetie, she’s sitting here with her head in my lap and keeps getting up to wander into the kids’ room (where all 3 boys are asleep). She’s probably wondering why it’s suddenly so quiet in here!

Thank you all again for everything!


s&jJodi & new sister Stella



We really appreciate everything you all do and are so thankful that we found Stella through you all!…Forever Mom Lisa

Abbey Rose (aka Rose) & Radar


Here are Rose (now Abbey Rose) and Radar! They are the most wonderfully loving pups and the perfect addition to our family. They’ve enjoyed going to soccer games and the growers market. We are so happy to have them!…Forever Mom Kate

Max (aka Gunner) & Honey (aka Misty)


Luvin’ Labs Max welcomes his new sister Honey, adopted from the Albuquerque Eastside shelter with the help of Luvin’ Labs and Arline, our great friend and volunteer at the shelter.



Rose & Radar


Enjoying their new forever family!



Ruckus joins Luvin’ Labs Alumni Kayden in a new forever home



Kayden goes to his new forever home with his new forever family



Just a quick update on Brandy. It’s early days but she had settled in wonderfully so far. She is the sweetest dog. We all love her so much. She has really taken to my husband, Steve. We put her bed opposite ours under the window at first but she lay down on the floor next to Steve and so that has become her spot. Charlie and Halle are bonding nicely nicely with Brandy. Charlie has been a very good boy and I can tell he likes her.

Brandy loves her walks and is so good on the lead! No problem at all. She loves the children and follows us from room to room. I’m not concerned about her jumping the fence. She stays by my side and I make sure to secure her in the house when I go back and forth to the preschool. She seems to be at home with us and we are very grateful to you for matching us with Brandy. She’s perfect.


C&BCharlie & Brandy – BFF



A homeless pup only maybe eight months old wandering the cold wintery streets of Los Lunas. I was cold hungry and in a family way. Eating only grass and trash drinking dirty water from gutters and puddles I was fortunate enough to find. I was frightened and did not trust people sometimes they shouted and threw things at me. Strange noises, unfamiliar surroundings and uncertainty is what I faced everyday.

On a cold concrete floor I found myself in the dog pound, at least there I had shelter and food but I was running out of time to live. When they found me I had already had my babies, but I don’t remember them, I don’t think they lived long after they were born if they lived at all, they were never found. I was sore and swollen because I still had milk. My skin clung to my bones as I was starving.

My future changed one day as kind compassionate people heard about me and that I was in the dog pound they came to see me just in time to save me from being euthanized. They took to a foster home where I made friends with a nice lady a couple cats and a very old and kind greyhound. I had fun and began to learn that not all people are bad.

Another lady and her husband came to visit, I liked them and their little French bulldog, they seemed friendly. Soon afterwards New Years day I went for a ride from Los Lunas to Bernalillo where I again met the lady and her husband. I ended up going home with them and was re-introduced to my new older smaller sister Gracie the French bulldog. Sometimes we all go to the mountains and play at the lake with my “sister” by association Gabby also a yellow Labrador retriever like me.

This story is not over by any means but it is now a happy story because of compassionate people like those at Luvin’ Labs who found me at the pound and arranged for me to have a forever home.




We just wanted to send you some of our family photos taken this January. Riley has been SUCH a blessing to us, especially me (she is a mama’s girl), and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for her.


Rudy on his way to his new forever home

Hope & Mysty

2013-06-07 20.53.35_resized_2 20130608_205844_resized copy

The girls are doing great.  Thursday was Dog Wash day. They both did well ……  Mysty more so than Hope. Mysty likes the water …. Hope is still uncertain. But they both came out clean and smelling a lot better.

As time has passed they have calmed down dramatically as they get used to their surroundings. They still play a lot, but it’s not so frenetic.  Typically their day begins around 5:00 am. When we let them out in the morning, Mysty believes it’s her job to diligently inspect the corral and make sure everything is in it’s proper place. When that job is done to Mysty’s satisfaction, she will turn, find Hope, adopt a play posture, and that’s when the fun begins.  Fifteen minutes of full out chasing, wrestling, tussling, rolling, tumbling…  well you get the picture. Just imagine 8 legs, two tails, and an enormous cloud of dust. That’s the girls! Once that is out of their system, it’s time for a belly rub, breakfast at 6:00 am and a quick nap. Typically they spend about 2 hours outside at a time. When it gets hot, we keep them indoors. Back outside when the temperature cools down.

Yesterday afternoon about 3:30, I went out to the corral area to inspect the raised beds. Mysty trailed behind, but suddenly jumped into the raised beds, which is something she has never done. When asked she jumped out, but I could quickly tell that the sand was too hot for her pads. So, I carried her back into the shaded area. No damage done, but they are so loyal that in the future we will have to be aware that they might put themselves in an uncomfortable situation just to have company.  Dinner at 5:00, belly rubs all around, and play time in the cool of the night.

Their adjustment has been dramatic from day-to-day. They are calm, well mannered and polite. Respond when called (well… sometimes), and no “mistakes”.  We have left the crates in the office, with the doors open. Without prompting both Hope and Mysty now enter the crates for a snooze now and then. We think this is a terrific sign.  They are a joy to be around as long as you don’t mind sand, mud, hair, an occasional face-lick, and wiggly butts.  The little bit of sand and hair is well worth the face licks and wiggly butts.  Their owners on the other hand need some training. We are scheduled to begin training sessions next week with Arie. We will be focusing on leash training and dog aggression issues.

All is good. Thanks for everything.



Chance after a clean up and now relaxing on the porch. He is such a delightful dog, he is sweet and loving.. just what we wanted..

Thank you guys so much for saving him.



Willow and her new family including big brother Barney



Marley relaxing at the house in Logan.  He has turned out to be a really wonderful dog.  Thank you very much



Mallory was a doll on the ride home. We stopped three times for her and she just walked around and sniffed, got back in the car and laid back down. When her and Sampson met, there was absolutely no friction. Sampson sniffed her and she was just curious about the house and the yard. She has been sniffing around the house and yard since she got here.
We took both dogs for a walk tonight and she was fine. We didn’t go far for we think she has had a long enough day. She has had her food and her medicine and has made it very known she loves her new squeaky tennis ball. She is currently lying by my feet as I type this.
She is going to fit in perfectly with our family. She just needs some time to adjust and understand she is finally home. We thank you for Mallory. We promise she will be loved for all of her days.



Dusty & Brother Jesse

Dusty has become a great part of our family.  He and Jesse play all day long.  He is such a lovebug and loves to sit in our laps.

Kya (Formerly Chanel)

20130314-Kya 002

It’s been two weeks now since we opened our hearts and our home to Kya, and she has been a real delight.  It’s amazing how quickly she has adapted to our typical routine.  She is especially relishing the freedom our doggy door provides.  She is in and out of the back yard or on the deck most of the day.  I have attached a pic of her surrounded with toys on the deck.  She seems to forget to bring them back in, though :)  She has conquered her fear of stairs and happily sleeps next to our bed.  All in all, we are in love with Kya!

Bronco (Formerly Blanco)

Maggie, Aspen & BroncoBronco with new mom Maggie and sister Aspen



I wanted to let you all know what a gift from God Buddy is to me and the men at the ARP. With your guidance and help I have love in my life again.  Buddy has also made an impact on the day to day of the men here.  Rehabilitation is hard, so a sweet loving soul such as Buddy is comforting.  We have a Buddy System here; so Buddy fits right in with all.  Thank you again.


Bosco and Arkus on couch

Boscoe & brother Arkus

I must say Boscoe is a “perfect gentleman”.  He played “big dog” games with Arkus outside briefly and I must say he “won”.  However, today they had a 5 round play and Arkus won 4 of them.  He likes him but can be a bit intimidated if Arkus growls lightly at him.  He backs off nicely.  We have a “new helper” in the kitchen proving Lab’s have a bottomless pit for a stomach.  Forgot to mention, when they met the two tails could have powered Placitas.  All appears to be well!

Bosco on couch


Moe (Formerly Santa)


This is Moe (master of everything) formerly known as Santa.  I couldn't have 
ordered a more perfect dog.  He is sweet, calm, cuddly and knows commands.  
We're both very happy.



Luvin’ Labs Alum Buddy, Noel & Abby

Noel is just thriving in our family. She’s has a surprising amount of energy and agility, and just loves to rough-house with Abby (5 years old). Sorry I can’t resist, but attached is a completely un-posed photo of everybody on our sofa.



Thank you so much for what you do to serve our four legged friends! Dean is already a huge part of our family & we can't imagine life without him! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!



He is the perfect dog. He loves his walks, and really loves chasing the bunnies that are all over our development. He stays quietly in his kennel when you want him to, but would prefer lounging on the couch or on the bed. He loves everyone, especially our little girls. And, he has the best manners we have ever seen in a dog!

He really is the best family dog. Best of all, he fits our family.

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae with Matt, Laura and sister Olivia

Amos (Formerly Scout)

Amos loves his squeaky ball but dropped it right when I took this picture.  He has gained some weight and has graduated from Acoma dog training. Trish nicknamed him “Puppy Brain”.  We are slowly getting him to obey, but he still gets so excited when he is around people he has to act like a puppy. He gets along good with our cat and other dog.



Every year JJ and Duchess have to get dressed up for Halloween. This year they wanted to be monsters although they don’t look like monsters to me. JJ just looks bored and Duchess smiles as always for the camera.  Oh well!!  They make up for it by being monsters the other 351 days of the year :):)




Kegan (Casper, we ended up changing his name) is doing great. We just love him. He is doing so good. He has nothing to give but love. He is has been a wonderful addition to the family. Thanks you again for everything. We have been taking him hiking and to the dog park and he is loving it.


Lily (Formerly Jetta)

Lily is doing very well.  She has become best friends with her dachshund brother Casey and loves her human family as well.  She loves sleeping in the sun in the courtyard, chewing her toys (has gone through many!) and going for her walks.  As I am trying to type this, she is by my side, butting my arm so I will pat her head instead of working.  She is a very sweet dog and we are so happy she is a member of our family.

Marty and Dan


LL Alum Argos, Elliott & new BFF Calla

Elliot came home with us on Friday night; he is doing well. We went on a hike yesterday in the Aspens and the boys were so good! Here are some photos of the boys with our daughter, Calla, who wakes up and searches for Elliot each day. They already have a special bond.


We first contacted Luvin’ Labs to inquire about a 6 year old yellow female dog, but she was spoken for.  Not being sure if we really truly wanted another dog, my husband said “let’s foster and try out having a second dog”.  Then the hands of fate sent us a big, old, black male dog; kind of everything we did not really want in a dog.  We thought this was a perfect situation; we won’t get too attached, we can keep him and love him until he is adopted, and then if indeed we do want another dog, get the “perfect” dog for our family.
As a human being, I know the universe looks after me and always gives me what I need.  I have spent the afternoon pondering and wondering why it takes me so long to see, that indeed, my needs are always met.  I guess I need to clear the filter of my brain on a regular basis.  There is no need to seek, what we need, will always find us.
Today, meeting all those wonderful dogs at the tie-dye event, who I have admired on the web site, I finally realized the universe has already sent us the perfect dog for our family.  Watching those powerful younger dogs I realized there is no way I could manage my crazy aussie and another younger strong dog.  Buddy is just what we need.  He is a rascal, but a tempered down perfect rascal dog.
So that was a long way of saying we want to adopt Buddy.  He is happy and secure with us.  I want him to spend the rest of his days knowing he is home, and loved deeply and forever.  No more sadness or uncertainty for this boy.
As I listen to him snoring in the room next to me, I think he knows that he is home.  His crazy barking when we come home is testament to that.  It was just us who were slow in seeing that we had found what we needed.  We feel very blessed to have him in our lives and I think he feels the same way.


A Fiona picture or two…

Fiona family

Fiona in the car.

Shiloh, otherwise known as Mia

Shiloh, otherwise known as Mia, is sitting with our 14 year old lab, and our 10 year old Husky cross.  She is very happy and actually seems to be appreciative that we adopted her.

Here’s a picture of Shiloh hunting lizards.  She spends all day hunting lizards, with a short nap here and there!  She has made a wonderful addition to our family.

Rochelle and Jeff Smith


Gracie enjoys rest time in her new forever home with 3 children that love her very much.


Boomer with his new family and sister Ruby and LL alum Red (formerly Sioux)

Rio (Formerly Patience)

Our Rio! She is doing GREAT!!


Chewbaca (Chewy) formerly known as Joshua

Please add Chewbaca (Chewy) formerly known as Joshua to your success stories. He is adjusting very well and has not broken out of his kennel (knock on wood) in 2 weeks. We took him to a dog swim at Rainbow Pool on Southern last week which he absolutely loved and he gets to go to the dog park twice a day to play with his friends, he also enjoys going to Matthew’s football practices at the park and we are planning on taking him to Travertine Falls this weekend for his first hike (with us). We are hope to work with Arie and train him as a therapy dog.

Terri Stagman


I just wanted to send a quick follow up on our new family member. Here’s what we have learned:

  • Teddy has had a considerable amount of obedience training already. My son took him out in the back yard and found out that he knows how to sit, stay and lay down.
  • He also knows how to stay when someone walks away and then he can follow a visual command to come.
  • Teddy is also quite “girl crazy” around our two female dogs. (..I’m sure that will get corrected by the dogs themselves sooner or later..)
  • It’s also obvious that Teddy is very used to being indoors. I went to make lunch a few minutes ago and he came into the kitchen, sat down nicely and gave me the best “pleeeeaaaase” look I’ve ever seen.

Thanks again for all of your help in getting him home!

Rocco (Formerly Kaboodle)

After just 2 days Kaboodle’s mom declares him a real cutie and so smart!


Lulu is doing great.  She is up to 75 pounds from 45-50 pounds.  She looks so good.  The vet says she is a gentle soul; I agree.

Thanks, Wanda

Baxter (Formerly Baxton)

Baxter & His New Forever Family


Roger (center) enjoys a day at the pool with 2 of his BFF’s

Roger and friends having a labby hour at our pool.  He loves the water as you can see, and has been a really nice addition to our family.

 Hershey (Formerly Ben)

I am emailing to thank you for posting about “Ben” one of the dogs in danger.  I would have never known about this beautiful dog.  We adopted him yesterday and he is doing wonderful.  He has attached himself to my 6 yr old daughter and she loves it!  I have 2 small dogs (mini schnauzer and mini doxie) and a cat and he is doing wonderful with them.  He is such a great addition to our family.  I wish I could have taken more home with me!

Thank you again for posting about him and the great work you all do!

Dobby (Formerly Aries)

Aries, who is now Dobby is doing great! It’s been 2 weeks now and he fits in to our family wonderfully! He has a new brother, Bogs, and they play, play, play all day long.  Dobby has one non-fur sister who spoils him rotten.  He is doing great at night and grasping house training well.  We are thankful to have him apart of our family and look forward to all the wonderful loving years ahead :)

Dobby and big brother Bogs


Here are some pics!  My girlfriend and I take him everywhere we go, and boy does he love the lake.

He has also made good friends with my buddy’s French Mastiffs so they play together whenever I go to his house.  He’s a wonderful dog!

Koa who was Kit

He loves his new toy.  Thanks again for rescuing him.  We love him.
Jen and Dan

Arrow (formerly Logan)

Here is evidence that Arrow (Logan) is doing fine.

On our last trip to Hopewell, I got about a dozen fish even before the evening hatch.  I was using a Parachute Adams and got one on almost every cast.  I got a few on hoppers and nymphs too earlier in the day.  Arrow  gets to kiss (it is more of an attempt to bite) the fish before it goes back to the lake.   He will actually bite on to them and bring them out of the water most of the time, as you see in the photo.   He has a firm grip but no damage to the fish and they do swim off.   I have had to remove hooks from him in the process.   You wouldn’t believe the mess he makes of the fly line on the ground, the leader, and the rope acting as a leash.   I have to re-tie the whole set-up after every fish that he “helps” retrieve for me.

He has learned to “leave it” in regards to the cat, deer, squirrels, marmots, and in general other vermin.  The cat will tolerate a lick, but would just a soon have the house to herself.  No more battles or chases after 6 months.  He is still trim and we watch his diet.  He continues to lean on people who will let him.  People are first on his list of favorites.  Running a very very close second is getting out and doing stuff.  On our walks, his nose is very active and he keeps our neighborhood green.  I broke two bones in my foot in April and I think it was harder on him when we could not get out.  I did have friends get him out when I was healing up. Now we are back to covering several miles and keeping Los Alamos green in addition to our fishing adventures.  We still have to train him not to bolt and explore his wide open world.

He is everyone’s friend.  His gentle, but very eager disposition, has everyone he meets want to greet and pet him.

The best to your and your people.

Tom and Arrow


I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of you for making this happen. I just spent the last three hours with her. We went on a walk and she got to know her sisters a little better. I was really surprised at how comfortable she seems to feel at my house. She jumped right on the bed and made herself at home!


Autumn ready for bed with new sisters…what a special family!





Rachael, Roxy & Todd


Eli (Formerly Rocky)


Eli is a great dog and we are so glad to have him!  We have introduced him to all of the luxuries of living in a house in the city.  He has a new big brother Beau, who is a white 13.5 year old lab, who is showing him the ropes. He thinks the pantry is magical and loves getting his food so much that he jumps in circles of joy and licks your hands as you are prepare it.  He has three new walking friends (two goldens and an australian shepherd) that go with him daily on a three mile walk in the neighborhood.  He is so full of joy and always wagging his tail that you can’t help but smile each time you look at him.






Buzz and his family join Luvin’ Labs at Summerfest 2012


BUZZ is doing AMAZING!! He fit right in to our crazy little world!! He is a lover, a great walker, can sit better than any dog, a comedian, and gentle with the baby!  He is neurotic about the ball so we are working on that and would run himself into the ground if we let him but we make sure to make him have breaks!!  He is so good with the kids and the other animals that we have in the house.  The kids think he can do no wrong and let him get into everything and then laugh so hard.  They like to dress him up, when I tell the kids to go to bed he follows them and he comes out with his pajamas on also!  He loves to go on walks and go outside with the kids.  At first our Cat Cisco and  him were a little mad at each other but now they are best friends.  He loves the baby but has really bonded with our older son and follows him everywhere even sits on the couch next to him while he plays video games.  I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work you do for these animals.  I don’t know that we would have found such a special boy without all the hard work you put into these dogs.  I don’t know his history or how you found him, I would love to know if you happen to know!! I can’t see why anyone would get rid of him!! Anyways thank you so much for this little 4 paw blessing that you gave to my family!!  I couldn’t make it to the June 3rd event but I am looking forward to the next one, I want to bring him over to show him off!!   I could go on forever but just know that he is sooo loved and we are training him and he seems really happy!!  I can’t say enough how much I am in love with him!!


Buddy (Formerly Buster)



 Buddy is one of your many, great successes!  As Marita knows, we adopted him just last Thursday, and already he’s a member of our family. In such a short time, he has bonded with Sheri, Abby, and me very well. He follows me around everywhere. (He’s sleeping at my feet right now.) But, there are some behavioral issues still to be worked out, i.e. tugging too hard on walks, being a finicky eater. Even though we’re still keeping a close watch, I have no concerns about Buddy trying to get over the fence.  We sort of adopted Abby through your website 1-1/2 years ago. “Sort of” meaning that we found her (as “Hilda”) on your page, but adopted her through the Westside Animal Shelter. She is 4-1/2 years old now (we think). She had some issues initially that took several weeks to work out, but she’s now a real sweetheart.  Buddy has become a “Frisbee Dog”! He loves to play fetch with our Frisbee. When I throw it decently, he catches it midair! Abby, who doesn’t play Frisbee, started chasing after him trying to bite his ankle. But, I think that she has tired of the game.  Buddy is our second dog who wants to play with toys. Our last three, Thunder, Sparky, and Abby, haven’t had any interest. We kept Harley’s toys for 3-1/2 years just waiting for Buddy. He loves what we’ve brought out so far: Frisbees, tennis balls, and push-pull. We’ve also purchased a child’s wading pool, but haven’t brought it out yet.  No one will replace our beloved Sparky, but Buddy is perfect, and will fill the empty place in our hearts and in our house.



Abby & Buddy





Love at first sight!





Harley’s new mom welcomes him home. Harley being a wiggle worm.


Ms. Lucy (Formerly Lumen)





Just an update on Lumen.  We have renamed her Ms. Lucy.  She is doing great; has become attached to Joe because he is with her most of the day.  They do alot of walks and playing, so when he has to leave for awhile, she is on the watch for him to come home.  She loves to go in the car, but she also barks at everything.


Chantilly (Now Called Lilly) Update


It's almost been a year since we brought Chantilly home and called her Lilly and gave her a home. It's been a rough year of chewing and digging and fighting with her sibling Blue (a black lab) and learning how to behave in a civilized (kind of) environment. (With three boys and 2 dogs, it only gets 'so' civilized!) But she's coming along well. As you can see from the pictures below, she is extremely unhappy. I don't know how she survives in such torment. It's a rough life, but she somehow manages to press on. Some days her bad eye looks almost like she can see out of it, but I don't think we'll ever know. It doesn't seem to bother her at all. Well, I have some hair to vacuum up now. As you know, with two labs in early summer THAT will take all day! I can almost climb the hair drifts piling up in the corner.  I thought you might want to share pictures with those who helped get her here.



(This is how she sleeps ALLLL the time! It hilarious!)



Good news for the day…Cheyenne had a mast cell tumor removed a few weeks ago and is doing great!

This is Cheyenne, just checking in to update you on my progress.  After what seemed “forever” I have been released by Janeen, my vet.  Candace, John and I went down last Wednesday to see Janeen and she checked me all over and really examined my incision.  She said it was all healing up nicely and it looked good and that I didn’t have to wear that awful collar and I didn’t have to take any more Benadryl which really made me sleepy.  Janeen said that Candace and John were supposed to really watch me and if any other lumps showed up we were to get back down to see her.  The good part of that is that both Candace and John pet me all over every day.  I love it.  We went to the cabin this weekend.  It was terribly windy.  On the drive home, down the dirt road to the highway, we were being passed by our dust!!!  It was really bad.  However, guess what was blooming?  Dandelions!!!  Hundreds of them.  Candace settled in to make a wreath of the blossoms and then put it around my neck.  I look really pretty in bright yellow.  We keep hoping that the wind will let up but probably not until we get moisture.  It is so dry all over…except the dandelions seem to be doing just fine!!!
Hope you both are doing well.  Hello to all my buddies.  Hope to see you sometime this summer.

Libbie (Formerly Adele)

You can see in Libbie’s face that she wants to please.  I worried however that I have created a bit of a monster with her.  I’m crazy about her and love to be affectionate so I do pick her up and  carry her around sometimes.  Also, when I’m sitting down I do like to pick her up and cuddle her.  Sometimes you can see on her face that she likes it and other times I think I just make her feel silly.  We take Libbie with us in the car everywhere we go that will allow dogs.  She went with us to Old Town last week and loved it.  One restaurant there will even allow her in their back patio so she’s used to going there now.


Greetings!  It has been nearly a year since we brought Orion home.  And we are soooo happy and blessed, we thank you every day for the good work you are doing. This dog has become an important part of our family.  You are a hero of our family!


Bella has been a wonderful addition to my home. She is doing fantastic. She loves life, people, and my neighbor’s Yorkie.  She and her buddy run and fetch tennis balls and/or Bella’s stuffed toys every day. She is cute – she will go to the neighbor’s front door looking for the Yorkie to come out to play. Both dogs are well-trained to stay in the yard.  Bella and I have recently begun long walks. I am very impressed with her discipline on the leash.  She has brought me much joy and companionship.  Thank you, Luvin’Labs!



Molly is doing awesome, she is a dream!  She has integrated into the family really well.  This week she is going to Breckenridge, Colorado to our cabin for  5 days of fun.  She has been up there once last month and she loves to run and play in the mountains and streams.



Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we are so happy Jess has joined our family!  Aislynn loves him to pieces! We all do!

 Jess is doing great.  He loves sleeping with Aislynn in her bed and she loves it too.  My daughter and her dad took him to the park today.  They had a blast.  Jess loves to play with Aislynn.  She has him playing fetch all the time and she is trying to teach him  to shake.  He follows her everywhere! They both seem so happy to have each other.  I can’t thank you guys enough.Update 5/2012 – Jess is doing great! We just love him to pieces.  He has gained weight well and is very comfortable here.  Loves sleeping with Aislynn in her bed.  He gets so lost when she is not here (this weekend she is with her grandparents) and gets so excited when she comes back!  He loves going for walks, playing with our cat, learning fetch, and loves when more kids come over.  He was such a good dog for Aislynn’s birthday party last weekend (18 kids).  They just ran around with him in the backyard.  It was so much fun.  We are so blessed.

Easy (formerly Easton)

We shortened Easton to Easy.  He is now the BIG Easy!  Took him to the vet today and he weighs 102 lbs- but still looks good.  His old coat all fell out (think it was a bad coat from all the stress he had been under.)  He now has a beautiful soft brown coat and the fur on his elbows is filling in.  He is a great BIG beautiful baby!  Has learned how to heel on our walks and, of course, has joined the rest of the crew in sleeping on the bed.  I am sending you a couple of pics.  Thanks for giving us this beautiful boy.   Jacque & Lou

Stella (formerly Sage)

Things are going really well with Stella.  I thought I would send you a picture I took yesterday afternoon.  This was after the two of them spent most of the afternoon playing then they finally settled down while I was cooking.  Cute huh?

Reggie & Rufus (formerly Julio & Polly D)

From their new mom:  Thank you sooo much.  I got tears in my eyes just seeing their sweet faces. I love them already so very much.

Update 5/2012:   They are doing great. They are so very smart I can’t believe it!  We travel to Wyoming Friday so they will be at their forever home Saturday.  They are growing like weeds and full of energy!  Will get pictures of them with their parents!

Mateo (formerly Poseidon)

You will be happy to know that Poseidon, aka Mateo, is doing great.  He weighs 16 lbs! and is very active, and adorable when he snuggles. He’s got the sit command about 75% of the time. He has also learned to love the sound of his own voice, and barks at everything that comes along – his toys, his bed, the wall, me, when I’m talking to him…many thanks for everything.

The BEST Dogs in The World:  Griffen and Dani

Meet Griffen (formerly Jonathon) , 4 yrs old, a former Luvin Labs boy, forever home for two years now, and Dani (formerly Candi) who just joined  us in her forever home two weeks ago.  Griffen was seen being pushed out of a car and left in a field in Clovis, ended up at the shelter and was approaching his last days when Luvin Labs  pulled him. Dani came from Dallas, where she was pulled sickly and poor from the shelter during her last hours before they were going to euthanize her.  Thank you to fosters Page and Sheila in Dallas and also thank you so much, Luvin Labs for saving both of these beautiful babies!  Griffen is a Mommy’s boy, yet loves to walk and run on the mountain trails.  Dani is learning how to walk on the trails and is excited at all the birds, squirrels, you name it!  She is a runner in training and will join Griff and Mom who are both trail runners. Dani LOVES her toys, and at any one moment, probably has at least 3 toys either in her mouth or close by her. She is such a little lover, so sweet….but so full of energy and enthusiasm at 1+ years old that she has captured my heart already!  I will never have another dog that is NOT a rescue dog; they are so loving and appreciative and bring tremendous joy to my life every single day. 


Emma (formerly Remi)

Jeff & I wanted to donate a few dollars, just to say thank you so much for helping us find our new dog.  She was Remi, she is now Emma.  She is such a great dog, I even called the shelter in Artesia, just to make sure no one has come forward to claim her.

We feel that what you are actively doing to help Labradors is awesome.  If I had more room and space, I would love to adopt more!  Maybe someday!

I went through your website and made the donation, just to say thanks.


Jan & Jeff Lesslie


Marley has finally seemed to adjust to her 2 brothers.  I took that picture because that was the first time they were all on the same sofa, she usually wants to be on her own sofa.  Of course you can use them, you should see the ones of her retrieving.  Ron took her duck hunting and and she had a ball swimming and fetching dead ducks.  She is now a real Lab.


A 2 year alumni.

Shiloh (formerly Brena)

Miss Shiloh is WONDERFUL (and warm on cold nights, too).  She is beautiful, and has become a momma’s girlie.  It took a little over a year, but now she believes that she’s in her forever home, and her love is pouring out like a cold nosed gulley washer.  She has no health concerns except for a yeast type infection in her ears.  She came home with that.  Her vet and I decided not to slam her with more antibiotics because we feel that’s the problem–she’s had too many antibiotics in the past.  So I hit on this bright idea to give her yogurt (and have to give her brother “The Terriorist”, too).

OMG, she’s a yogurtaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to fight for my yogurt.  If I eat yogurt, I have to give them their vanilla y. first otherwise, well, I’m sure that you’ve all had that “look” from the labs, man, can they work it.  The bottom line is that her yeasty ears have cleared up.

She hugs, she loves, she follows me everywhere, she gets the cutes, she gets the impish, and she sulks like a middle school girl when her feelings get hurt.  She turns her back to you, looks over her left shoulder, and gives you “how could you?” and “whatever” looks.  She retrieves endlessly, but she doesn’t want her tennis balls now.  She has discovered–wait for it—squeakies.  Squeaky hedgehogs are her favorite.  One of her aunties brought 4 for the holidays, and Shiloh’s nesting three of them when I left the house.  She totally loved the Halloween pumpkin squeaky, and the hairy, bleeding eyeball squeaky.  Her and her brother pull tug of war and she lets him win half of the time.

They tear through the house chasing each other.  It’s pretty cute.

Her fur’s like soft black velvet, and she’s very protective.  She gets the “seal look”, and oozes the cutes.

I could not live without her.

Maggie Mae

An update on Maggie Mae. Maggie has been doing really well since moving into our home.  She and our Vizsla puppy, Olivia, have become best friends.  Their favorite games to play together is keep away, chase, and tug of war. Maggie is tolerant to Olivia’s puppy energy and they are good at wearing each other out!  Maggie enjoys going to the dog park and LOVES playing catch with her tennis ball and chuck it Frisbee.  She always locates the person with the chuck it and will play catch until we leave.  My oh my, is she fast.   She is quite the conversation starter at the dog park.  People always ask how her fur stays so shiny and soft and they always wonder what breed she is mixed with. I’m not sure, but whatever breed it is, it’s a wonderful one!  Maggie has learned to sit and wait for her food and be released before she is allowed to eat it.  This is difficult for her and requires such restraint, but she follows commands very well.

We have been training Maggie as a therapy dog to work with my fiancé in therapy sessions once he is finished with his degree.  Because of this, we have taken her everywhere to help with exposure.  We have taken her to grocery stores, Walmart, Target, and even a basketball game.  Maggie is such a polite lady and was made for this work.  She makes fast friends with anyone of all shapes and sizes and nothing seems to spook her.  Once she has on  her “therapy gear” (her gentile leader and therapy vest), she knows it’s time to work.  We are currently working on deterring Maggie from becoming excited at fast, dance-like movements because she views this as play and will jump and start mouthing.  She still has some puppy left in her so we are confident that in a few more months, we can have this trained out of her.  We hope to have her fully trained and therapy dog certified in the next 6 months.

Maggie is such the perfect pal.  She loves cuddling and is so easy to train.  We can even trust her to stay loose in our house for a few hours without her getting into anything or having an accident.  Matt and I are so lucky to be able to call her our “fur baby”!  I have attached some pictures of Maggie and Olivia.
Thanks for everything!

Maggie Mae and Olivia


Here is big happy Jethro boy looking up at his new mommy!   Happy Boy!


I just wanted to send you a quick update on Precious – she is absolutely wonderful! I can’t even describe what an amazing dog she is. She is great with the cats, wonderful in the house, and learns so quickly!  We’ve taken her on a ton of hikes and she goes to the dog park every day to play with her friends.  She is a total joy and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of our family.  I’ve attached a few pictures so you can see just how beautiful she is!

Augie (Formerly Keyton)

Just a quick note…..when I came home yesterday from work, Augie showed me a new side of himself – he was playful!  He got one of his toys, made it clear he wanted me to toss it, so we did that for little while, but I have never seen him so playful.  It was so cute!  He is now eating all of his food, he and Sunny are getting along, no chasing Louie the cat, and only occassionally barking in the house.  In all, he is doing great.  I’ll see if I can get some photos this weekend, but for some reason, he does not like the camera – he probably thinks pictures make him look fat.   :)



Most sincere thanks to all the great folks at Luvin’ Labs. Mary is now walking on a leash like a pro, after only two days, and in no time she started playing with a basket of toys, picking out her favorites. We love this great gal who is the perfect fit. Your selfless dedication has not gone unnoticed,

A heartfelt thank you,

Francine and Lew Bragg   



“Hello to all our friends at Luvin’ Labs.
Once again a huge thank you to all involved in our adoption of “Flower”.
We know our experience with Flower has been easy, on both dog and owner’s, due to your dedication to find the right home for the dog and the right dog for the home.
At every opportunity we will let others know that your rescue operation is structured so that, by the time the dog is adopted, the probability of success is maximized.
Although Flower has been amazingly easy to work with, we appreciate the support that comes from all of you.
To all those who are contemplating adopting a rescue dog from Lovin’ Labs, we couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.
Lov’ to all, David and Sue Schmuck……………..and “Flower”

Trigger and Lilly  (Formerly Zak and Zoe)

Colleen…just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the pups.  Trigger is all boy.  He loves to run and play.  He is such a beautiful boy and is growing daily.  He really loves to chase after balls and squeaky toys.  Lilly is so sweet and loves to snuggle with you all the time.  She is definitely daddy’s girl.  Lilly is on the left and Trigger is on the right in the picture.  When we got them they were house trained and knew how to ride in a car and walk pretty well.  They are both healthy and a joy to have.  Both will start obedience training this week end.  My son is in the picture and has bonded with both of them.  Thanks again for your hard work and thank the vet in Almagordo that helped in the rescue…Eric Gustafson

Annie in her Forever home!!

Just wanted to check in and tell you that Annie is doing great!  She is such a joy to have around and she seems happy here with our family.  She seems to have bonded with our oldest son (Caleb).  He is her “boy”!

Stevie & Samantha

Just wanted to give you an update on Stevie & Samantha.  Their owner had died in Kansas City & both were rescued & brought to us in New Mexico.  Stevie has turned out to be a great little dog.  Both sleep with us & Stevie even sleeps on Mike as he’s taking a nap on the couch.  He’s giving kisses now to both of us & of course, wags his tail.  Mike just keeps saying how much he loves that little dog.  This fall we had a small pinon crop & the dogs discovered them & ate most of them on the ground.  Kinda like pigs sniffing for truffles.  I finally had to put them in the house so I could harvest some for us.  They love tomatoes & cucumbers that I grew.  Thank goodness the tomatoes were in a fence or they would have eaten all of them – green ones, too.  The cukes grew on a trellis on a wall.  Samantha got them right off the vine.  We had to go out with her to keep her from getting all of them.  They also love peppers, fruit (not grapes) carrots.  We’ve seen several bears while hiking, but the dogs came right back when called, though the last one the dogs were about 30’ from a teenage bear – all 3 animals looking at each other.  Samantha did decide to check it out later but came back when called.  I’m amazed at how mountain savvy they are.  We love to go up the mountain, which is just a mile up the road.  There’s a creek 5 min. away they can wade in & the ski area 10 min. away is a great place to hike.  Coyotes run through the yard & that gives some excitement.  Both dogs curl up on the couch with me while I’m reading the paper & Samantha especially loves sleeping by the wood stove now that it’s winter (we heat with wood).  Stevie curls up by Mike as we watch TV.  I couldn’t figure out what Samantha wanted when she’d bark while I fix dinner, but finally realized she likes her nightly “hug” – a butt & back scratch, massage, & burying her head in my chest while I whisper sweet nothings in her ear.  Stevie joins in, too.  Stevie still barks when he gets in the truck.  He loves to go, but just the traveling is stressful.  We’ve tried alprazolam, valerian & the Thundershirt.  He pants, drools, & licks the windows.  Our neighbor owns a pet store – mostly natural – & Sunday he is going to give us something else to try.  But it’s really not a problem because mostly we’re staying home these days.  Anyway, thank you for bringing them into our lives.  We love them so much.  Having rescues is so rewarding.


PS – notice the collars – the University of Kansas colors.

Maggie formerly Ronnie

Maggie’s getting SO big. Not too much taller but she’s uber chunky! And she’s such a lover. She is seriously so dang sweet. Anytime she’s done something bad she rolls over on her back and just wiggles all over and you can’t be mad at her! Her tail never stops wagging, she’s always wigglin and waggin. We call her Waggy Maggie :) She lives to lick faces and cuddle on the couch! We love her so much!

Thanks from Caderyn’s Family

Aiden now Rio

Rio is doing great and is making himself at home.

I think the biggest words of wisdom would be to remember with young labs if they are not doing what you want it is probably because the person is not being consistent with verbal and non verbal messages.  For example, he has had 3 accidents in the house, but each time Nik and I blamed ourselves for not reading his cues or getting him out soon enough. It is a learning experience. I have plenty of towels and rug cleaner!

J ;)

Chuck in Dallas

Thanks again.  Chuck is a great dog and a wonderful addition to our family!

Jason Cohen


Forever home for our boy Reese : )

No, Reese is NOT spoiled in his new home.  Just wanted to let you know that Reese is adjusting well.  Thanks for your assistance.  We are all very happy.

Dwayne Bean
Donna Whales

Dannah (formerly Hannah)








Harley (Formerly Sunshine)

“Harley goes to work at State Farm with her Mama—and was a good neighbor to all she met!!!”

Addie (the pup formerly known as Penelope)

Addie has been a blessing and a joy to have had as part of my new life in Santa Fe. Having moved out here to take my first job, I knew the time had finally come where I could afford the dog I’ve always wanted. She took only a short while to warm up to me (the car ride home), but now it’s nearly impossible to find us apart from each other. She loves her walks and is getting better and better with heeling. She sits incredibly well and we are currently working on laying down with “shake” next on the docket. She absolutely loves to chase the little lizards that are so plentiful in my neighborhood as well as the many rabbits that inhabit the area around my house; although she has yet to catch one! Watching her chase the lizards along the trail that surrounds my neighborhood is such a delight as she leaps and bounds her way in between shrubbery and has a look of sheer joy on her face. She’s not much of a fan of her kennel (much to my chagrin), but has come huge leaping strides from me literally having to force her in there for when I have to leave my house to go to work to now almost walking in on her own! She plays extremely well with other dogs, especially my girlfriend’s dog Boomer, a 5-month old male shih tzu/chihuahua mix (even though he looks like a cairn terrier). Addie is pretty good at playing fetch too! As you can see, she’s just as happy about the adoption as I am! Addie and I have been together only a hair over 1 month, but both of us are looking forward to a long companionship together.



My family went and looked at a few of the labs in Albuquerque. I just wanted to let you know you can add Scrappy from the Eastside shelter to your “safe” list.  He came home with my family last night.  We love him!  His picture was so small on the site I was afraid he was a lot small Lab mix.  Come to find out that picture is just really old.  I guess that he has been at the shelter since February.  He has such a good temperment and does so well on a leash.

I took him jogging this morning for a couple of miles and he did awesome.  You would have thought he did it everyday.  He did heel just like he is suppose to on the left the whole time.  Very sweet and very playful!  The cutest thing was that while he was scared of us adults at first, he went right up to our daughter (3) and let her pet him.  He has since then warmed up to the rest of us.

Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Blake spread out on the floor.

Blake is doing great.  He’s put on a little weight (he always figures out how to steal any butter we leave out!) and is about to finish intermediate obedience classes.  The trainer reminds us how much he’s settled in: He loves learning, is much calmer, and has the most contented look in his eyes!

Blake posing on the first day of fourth grade with Rowan, Blake’s “older brother”

We love him, and he’s made a huge difference in our lives.  It was exactly what we needed as a family.
Thank you again!  Do feel free to include any of my comments and the photos on the site.

This was Bowen, now Beau!

Here is a picture of Beau.  Thanks for everything he is turning out to be a great dog!  (The kitty and he even shared his bed last night):)

Dozer (Bradley)

I wanted to thank you guys again for Dozer (Bradley).  He is such an awesome dog.  We are loving him!  Even the cats like him. I attached one picture of him on the walk in our neighborhood (one of his favorite activities)

and another of him hanging out in our living room.

Ginger thanks so much for driving him over here that first day.  We took him in the car yesterday for the first time and it wasn’t a problem but I was still glad to not have to try to drive him somewhere before he knew me.  Thanks so much for all the time you took, taking care of him and explaining stuff to me.  We appreciate it!

All in all he’s a great boy!

Laura Wall


Here’s Chantilly!

She is getting fattened up and well adjusted in her new home. She is very, very sweet and training is going well, and as you can see, she’s not spoiled at all! ;)

She loves her new boys and she really loves playing with Blue. He’s an 8 year old black lab who took some time to adjust, but as you can see they are doing very well together.

She is a welcome addition to our family! :)



“Our beautiful Leah at home. Thanks so much for saving her Conny. Thanks for fostering her Jonie!  We took some pictures of her today while she was playing in the backyard.  She seems to enjoy fetch and does a good job of bringing back the ball for us to throw.  YEEEEAAA LEAH!”


Leah just wanted to send you a picture of her with a note for all of you at Luvin Labs.  Take care and thanks again.

Denis and Kim

Dalet & Buddy

Dalton and Buddy. Buddy is the pure lab, Dalet has the pokey ears. Buddy was out of time in the Rio Rancho Shelter and Dalet was literally in the euthanasia room at Valencia county when Luvin’ Labs committed to him.  Both are living a fabulous life outside of Grants with one of our foster’s mom!

“Buddy and Dalton have grown so much.  They have over 400 acres to run on and my mom takes them out daily for rides in the truck.  Plenty of bones to chew, holes to dig and balls to chase keep them busy all day.  They have been her savior since the passing of my father I think more than she was theirs.”

Jackie McDorman


We just recently lost our eleven-year-old lab/shepherd cross due to a sudden illness.  He went into seizures following a three-year rabies vaccine.  The vet denies any connection, but I guess that topic is a whole separate story.  What I am writing about is that thanks to your website I found “Petey”, a two-month-old lab/healer cross at the Socorro Shelter.  I saw him on your site this afternoon and I drove down there from Albuquerque to see him.  He seemed very healthy, social, happy, and not intimidated.  So, I took him home.  Our three year old very doggie-social Bassett cross was thrilled to see him.  I have only had him home for about 5 hours now and they have both adjusted to each other and had nice little boxing match and she has given him a little licking bath.  We are very experienced dog owners and I think potty training him will be very easy.  He has already used the doggie door with a little bit of assistance with the flap and a treat when he goes through.  I am so thrilled.  Life goes on, we have mourned our Jesse, but now have given this little pup a new and wonderful life.

Thank you,

Tom Gugliotta


Here are the latest pictures of Bunny. She is such an awesome girl, around 55 pounds, super smart, super spoiled, of course.

She’s great!

Walker the Pup, now known as Dawkins

Happy Tails, picture coming soon   : )

Hello Luvin’ Labs – I Thought I would take a minute and tell you a little about our boy and his first week in his ‘forever home’.  In the simplest of words,he is a perfect fit, and it is as if we have had him since the day he was born — we love him very much, and thank you for all you did to get him to us.  Shari (Walker’s Foster Mom), we have talked often that he has obviously had such excellent care and love before we even got him — please accept our special thanks for whatever you provided for him before he was adopted — you have given us the gift of a very confident, well adjusted dog.

From the minute we saw his face, we knew he would not be a foster more than the moment it took to say hello.  On the 15 minute ride back to our house, he sat on my lap in the back seat and held his head out the window, enjoying every moment of the ride.  It was then my husband said “You know, he is not a Walker to me.  He is Dawkins.  His name is going to be Dawkins.”  And so he has been.

He has already done and accomplished so much.  He has gone on 2 short runs with a group of between 2-5 girls and their dogs, and did fabulous.  He has had several opportunities for walks on the leash, and even made his first trip to Lowe’s with his new dad.  He is a very smart boy, and learns everything very quickly.  He has bonded well with our other lab, Kinnick, and as of yesterday, they completely figured out dominance and play, and have shown all the signs of falling in love (both of them have been seen with their head resting on the other!!!)  As in his previous foster home, he has ventured into the pool only to sit on the top step….we are not encouraging him to become a pool swimming dog, but it may only be a matter of time.  We had a trip planned to the beach this summer, anyway, so he will get his first taste of Dog Beach in San Diego — and I just know he will LOVE it!!!  He is incredible with the grandkids — just last night he was under the kitchen table hanging out with Kinnick and the 4 year old.  He accepts hugs and kisses and pets, and is kind and gentle.  He is curious, and it has been fun watching him learn all the new sounds and ‘routines’ of our household.

Thank you again, Luvin’ Labs — We are a happy family, and will surely be recommending to everyone to rescue their next pet.  You have made this a fabulous experience!!

Rex and Coco who made it up from Texas, fostered with Fred and are now forever home with Fred.

You can see they take life easy these days! When Coco gets on the sofa, its hard to get her to come outside for a photo session! I enjoy their company.



I thought you might like to see my spoiled Daisy. I figured that it would be useless to try to plant anything in her favorite place while I’m working outside.


Bam is doing great! He and Bailey are getting along just fine, they are still figuring out their boundaries but are doing well.  Bam is glued to me literally, he follows me around and won’t let me out of his sight!  I have been working on his leg with a light massage and extentions.  He still runs on three legs but is walking more and more on four.

Frankie, one of Mary’s surprise pups : )

Introducing Frankie, new member of the Auffrey/Ritter Family.

We think Frankie is just “TOO CUTE”.

He is good to go, but we hope he won’t.

He is SOOO handsome : )

Jacob, now called Jet

Jet is a happy guy, follows me everywhere, loves his friend Buddy, is so happy in the car.  He behaves very well except when food is involved.  I make him wait for an OK before he can dive into his food bowl.  He is also learning to “take it nice” when I offer him a goodie.  He is the best “stretcher” and he does the “downward dog” and then the “upward dog, then he walks forward on his front feet, dragging the back feet behind.  He is so mellow, and everyone loves him.

Thanks for knowing that Jet should be my guy!

Abby (formerly Aspen)

Abby and her bone.

John and I want to update you on Abby (Aspen).  First of all, she is doing great!  She is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had!  She and Lucy are getting along better than we could have imagined.  She loves to hike with us, she goes to work with John and stays in his office most days with him.  She follows him around like a shadow!

Rose (formerly China)

This is China, saved from the Artesia shelter and being taught to swim by her dad Tim!

Here is Rose’s first swimming lesson on Memorial Day! Thank you so much for everything you did to bring her into our life!

Really Happy Rigel

Rigel (on the left) in a forever home….don’t you think??

Rigel is one happy dog enjoying his life here at our spa!  You can see his hair has nearly grown back and he is bonding more with our dogs now than me, which is a big relief!    He is safe, happy and very, very loved.  Thank you, all.

To read more about Rigel, click on the “Dawhoo’s Friends” Link

A puppy from Carlsbad

Thank you, Luvin Labs, for tip about the puppies in Carlsbad.  We went Saturday morning and found a beautiful chocolate lab.   It was so hard to pick, I wish we could have saved them all.  I hope they all find homes.  Noah’s Arc is great but very over crowded.  I told them that your website tipped me to them.  Again thank you for your help.  As you can see, she is beautiful.

Nova is happy.

Nova was dumped at the Rio Rancho shelter,

But now, thanks to Luvin Labs…

She has trained her owner and she has several dog friends.

The puppy in the picture plays rough, biting her neck, ears, face and legs.

When she has had enough, she lets out a growl that starts in her toe nails and the puppy looks up at the sky, “Is that Thunder?”

Wilson now Argos

I thought you’d enjoy this video of Argos and our daughter Calla. It shows how gentle and sweet he is. He is an absolute love and sleeps in bed with us every night…snoring! We adore him and we’re so glad he is a part of our family. Recently we watched a 7 month old puppy for a week and he played all day until he was sore and passed out before 7pm. He is so versatile: plays with puppies, sleeps and hangs out with our older dog and licks our baby. We are so lucky. He has stopped escaping, so I think he knows where home is now. All the best to you and your wonderful volunteers!

Devin, Silas, Calla, Klaus and Argos


Lucy, formerly Goldie

On January 3rd, 2011 we had to say good bye to our beautiful, 10.5 year old Crystal.  She had been a part of our family since she was 7 weeks old.  She had Valley Fever and the meds were not effective, her quality of life was decreasing and the fluid in her lungs was making breathing too hard for her.

In the end of  April 2011 shortly after what would have been Crystal’s 11th birthday, I started “networking” dogs that were in need of rescue/foster/adoption. I was sharing the stories of what I was working on with my husband.

Skip ahead to May 2011, I stumbled upon a facebook page called Luvin’ Labs and there is this beautiful girl named Goldie.  She was in doggie jail and listed as urgent.  She also looked very similar to our Crystal and this touched a chord with my husband.  I networked her, never intending to do anything more than that, but my husband and I guess life had other plans!  I contacted Luvin Labs to get a little more information on this girl.  It seems she was a repeat offender, a regular Houdini, an expert escape artist who jumped over walls.  I shared her on a Sunday, drove 480 miles Monday night, broke her out of jail Tuesday morning, and drove home 480 miles Tuesday afternoon.  I have to say the people at the dog jail all knew and loved her.  I am grateful they made an exception to adopt out of state.

It is now Wednesday evening, “Goldie” now Lucy, aka Lucy Lou, aka Loudini  is sitting by my feet.  She is an expert traveler, knows her basic commands: sit, come, lie down, roll-over, release, no.  She needs some work on a leash, some of the pulling could be from the new scents all around her.  She absolutely is in love with my husband and whimpers when he leaves the room.  She sleeps up against the side rail of the bed…on his side of course.  She loves belly rubs, treats, sliding through the grass, and has even been allowed to venture around the yard with us….leash free.  She has not tried an escape, but she is never alone outside, and runs for the door to come back in after she is done with all her business.  She has new toys, 2 cats that are getting used to having a new fur sister, and has just had her first shower!

We love her!

Thank you Luvin’ Labs!


Sir Lancelot aka Tex

Sir Lancelot was the SADDEST lab in a Texas shelter after his owner surrendered him… through the help of fabulous advocates and rescuers out there he was pulled, boarded, and eventually transported to Albuquerque, NM and to his forever home.  Check him out, surveying his kingdom!  Thanks to all of you involved in saving this great lab!!

From Tex’s new mom … “We unexpectedly lost our 11 year old yellow lab, Clarabelle, to a heart tumor.  Then within about 3 weeks, I had to take my wonderful black lab boy, Kodie, to be put to sleep from complications from degenerative spinal myelopathy.  I found Colleen after losing Clarabelle, thus beginning my great journey with Colleen and Luvin’ Labs.  We fostered a couple dogs before Colleen asked if I’d be willing to help out with Sir Lancelot.  With her infinite doggie-love wisdom, she had a feeling and a plan for me and this wonderful boy!  (Go Colleen!!!)  I picked him up at the end of his day-long journey from Texas and brought him home.  When I walked in the door with him my 14 year old son, William’s first response was “He”s HUGE!!!!!”.  My husband, Jeff’s response was “Oh My God!!!!”, referring to Sir Lancelot’s size.    We decided that he will forever be Sir Lancelot, but he needed to have a shorter name for daily use.  My son looked in his book with dog names and said we should name him Texas because  Texas is big and Sir Lancelot is too… So, Texas (Tex) it became.

Tex is by my side constantly when I’m home… and when I leave, he thinks he needs to go with me.

I’ve been having some serious health problems the past month and Tex has been such a loyal friend.  I truly believe he has sensed my frustrations with everything and wants to console me.  Two Saturday’s ago I laid down for a nap and my friend jumped up on the bed as usual, but this time he threw his right front leg over my back, hugging me, as he laid down.  He stayed that way for about 30 minutes.  The next day he jumped up and didn’t throw his leg over my back, but he tapped my back 3 times with his paw before he laid down.  It was just like a good friend patting your back telling you… it’s going to be okay.

I had him at my vet’s office shortly after we got him. She turned and looked at me and said “He’s really smart… I mean he’s really smart.  He will be a good guard dog for you.”  She continued by telling me that if he ever warns me about someone, I need to listen to him… he won’t be wrong.  She said he’s “got it going on” and I believe she’s right.

Oh, how this boy LOVES to play fetch.  He will bring the ball and spit it at me, or drop it in front of me.  If it rolls away and I can’t reach it easily I tell him, “No, you need to bring it here” and I will tap the ground right in front of me.  He’ll retrieve it and put it where I pointed.  He’s amazing, but he is a little insane when it comes to retrieving!

Tex has truly settled into life in our house and is loved by all of us… Colleen, you’re the best…  you made a perfect match!  To each of you who helped bring this fabulous guy into my life rescuing him from the shelter in Texas, driving him from there to here…. THANK YOU!  I am forever grateful.  And if he could talk, I have no doubt he would say THANK YOU as well for the kindness each of you showed him.

Tex’s Mom and new BFF,

Kathy Kleyboecker


Kodiak and Baby Girl

Kodiak and Baby Girl are going home.

Red (formerly Sioux)

My life in Missouri wasn’t a good one until Luvin’  Labs came to my rescue and brought me to New Mexico.  It didn’t take long to find my forever family, and I couldn’t be happier.  The best part is laying around together to watch a Nebraska game.   We are all cheering for the Big Red in more than one way!

Anna Lee

Anna Lee, formerly called Rose, is fitting in beautifully with our family. Thank you so much for what you do – we would have never found her otherwise.

Best wishes,

The Wagner Family

Anna Lee was at Roswell Humane.  The Wagner’s drove all the way down to adopt her, and picked her up and rescued her after seeing her picture on the Luvin’ Labs web site.



Mitchel, is one of two black lab pups who were taken into our Luvin’ Labs program.  His original name was Zane.  A note from his new forever family:  We feel so blessed to have him in our lives and it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys!   Thank you for all that you do!

The Hutchinson Family


Thank you, Luvin’ Labs, for giving me a second chance on life.  I loved my first Christmas with my new family – I was so exhausted, but wouldn’t leave my new toys behind.

I’m on my way to graduating as a service dog

Buddy, the Labradoodle



Sundance was found wandering as a stray and about to be euthanized at the Valencia County Shelter when one of our Luvin’ Labs volunteers brought him to us. He was in his forever home the next week!  Stay tuned for more updates.

Chevy aka Cooper

Cooper is really thriving.  I took him to the vet for a heartworm check last weekend and weighed him and he has put on a good amount of weight.  The vet says he is at his perfect weight now.    I have a sandy area in my yard–just perfect for dogs that love to dig!–and he has taken full advantage of it.  I have never seen a dog that digs while he’s laying down, but he manages quite nicely.    My other dog, Gracie, has taught him how to play with toys and he is now absolutely toy crazy.  He keeps dragging them out of the toy bin and makes sure they are scattered around the house so he has some in every room, but especially on his beds.   Every now and then, he’ll grab one and start running so that Gracie and I will chase him.   When I get home from work, he jumps all over me then runs like crazy through the house.  He is always smiling and wagging his tail.   We are so happy to have him here.

Polly aka Cooper

Mamas Colleen and Francine,

Wow, It’s a dog’s life. Thank you for helping me find my forever home.

Mom and dad have 2 other Chihuahuas. They didn’t like me at first, I was so scared. The smaller noisy one wouldn’t stop barking at me and chased me into the kitchen. I tried to show them I was harmless by showing my belly but the little one wouldn’t stop barking. Dad came over and petted me and it made me feel better. mom gathered the other dogs up and tried to calm them down. After a little while they started sniffing me and it kinda tickled. It took a little while but I won them over with my good looks.

My new mom and dad have taught me so much. I am getting better at riding in the car. I can now get in myself. Dad sometimes takes me for a ride, but I still don’t really like it.. It makes my tummy feel weird and I drool a lot.

Mom and dad have been very patient with me and have taught me so much, and I have taught them some stuff as well. I taught mom to not leave her slippers out or they will end up out in the yard and I taught dad that a computer mouse tastes good. Dad said I have expensive taste, but I don’t know what that means…

Dad has taught me how to walk on a leash without pulling and to stop and sit at intersections. He also taught me good manners like instead of running up to children to greet them, I sit down and wait so I don’t scare timid children and don’t get too excited. Dad has also taught me that the Kitchen isn’t a good place to hang out and when their dinner is served, we can wait patiently on our dog bed in the living room instead of hanging out under the dinner table. Dad has also taught me to sit and wait for the leash and when the front door opens, it makes dad happy when I don’t run right out the door.

Dad works often. Many nights he’s not home with all of us, but he spends more time with us on his days off. Mom loves it when We all curl up on the loveseat at night when dad’s not around. Sometimes I’ll sneak my chewie up there with us (but don’t tell mom.. she doesn’t like that). Dad calls sometimes at night when he’s not around. It makes me so happy to hear his voice on the phone. My tail starts wagging really fast and I almost fall off the loveseat. I get so happy when dad comes home from work. He takes me outside and I start whining and running around. They have a small patch of grass in front of the house and I love diving and rolling around in it.   I suppose I should go, Dad’s home today but doesn’t like it when I play around on the computer.

Wag your tail and be good,

Cooper (Polly)



Hi everyone! My name is Dalton. My mom asked me to share my story with you all, so I figured I could take a few minutes out of my busy play schedule to tell you all about me. First off, my mom and I were dumped at the shelter down in Valencia County when our previous owner could no longer afford to keep us. Lucky for us, the nice people at Luvin’ Labs heard about us and broke us out of there when our time was up. Now, I don’t really know what that means, but I imagine it’s not too good for puppies like me. I was only 6 months old at the time. Well, we came up here to Albuquerque and my mom got a foster home right away. I got to go into boarding, but being a puppy, I wasn’t too happy there and I started to eat the concrete right off the walls. So that nice Luvin’ Labs lady, Colleen, called my foster mom and asked if I could come and stay at her house. Well, lucky me again, she said yes, and you know what, she had other dogs at her house for me to play with…Score! I decided that if I was on my best behavior, I might get to hang around there for awhile, which is what I really wanted because there was lots of food and toys for me, and a big back yard to run around in. I totally fell in love with my new foster sister Molly and I followed her everywhere and did all the stuff she taught me to do. And my older foster sister Callie needed someone to watch out for her when she went outside because she was so small, so I figured I could do that. We even all got to go for a long car ride to visit Grandma and Grandpa and they have a dog too! Well, I’m not sure what I did on that trip, but the best thing ever happened, my foster mom decided that she wanted to be my forever mom. Can you believe it? Boy was I a happy guy. And then for Christmas, the coolest thing happened, a new foster puppy came to stay and I got to teach her all the things that my foster sister taught me. I even taught her how to use the dog door by holding it open for her so she could get in and out. She got to go to her new forever home which kind of made me sad but not for long. We have two new foster doggies that I get to play with and learn stuff from. I can’t imagine life getting any better than this, but I bet it will. My mom tells me every day that she loves me and she’s the lucky one, and that’s enough for me. Thank you so much Colleen for seeing that I had potential and choosing to get me out of that awful place. Hugs…Dalton!

Dalton & Callie

Dalton and foster brother Duke


This is Colby during his second week with us. We call him our tripod buddy as he had a tragic story before being found roaming the countryside. Someone had shot his front right leg with a shotgun and left him to struggle for a time to fend for himself with this injured leg. He fortunately came into the hands of Luvin Labs and was assessed for damage to his leg at which time it was decided the injury was too old to rebuild the leg and the best option was amputation. He struggled for survival but remained the sweetest little guy thru all his ordeal. The real turning point for his desire to continue on came thru his foster care and another real hero, Koki, a chocolate lab mix, who also had come from a sad past. She nurtured him back to happiness and the will to live. This is where our good fortune came to be – we decided to give Colby a forever home and have not had a moment of regret. He is a true gentleman, well-behaved, loves everyone and as of today ran/hiked 4 miles with us on the trails. What a companion he has become and we look forward to many more happy years with him.

Parker aka Hal

We are doing well, and he seems completely settled into his new routine.  He has definitely gotten past the low energy (depression?) stage and is fully a puppy. He loves to run and play and has a bounce in his step that he didn’t have when I first met him.  I feel like we are well bonded – he has been so much fun to get to know and constantly cracks me up with his little quirks. He doesn’t like to be out after work… he wants to eat and takes himself to bed about 7:30 pm. If I am downstairs he will get in his kennel, and if I’m upstairs he will get on his bed. The first thing he does every morning is get in bed with me and cuddle (he sleeps on his bed next to mine) then he goes downstairs and pulls all of his bedding out of his kennel and gets all his toys out of his basket and arranges them on the rug… it’s a hoot to watch. We drove 1900 miles for our Christmas holiday so that I didn’t have to kennel him so soon after I had gotten him – hotel rooms, friends and families houses, infants,  small children, and other dogs – he was awesome. Happy and easy and loving all the attention… he was the least stressful part of the trip. Thanks so much for all your help. This is my first adoption/rescue and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Happily Ever After!

Sampson and Delilah, our beautiful pair rescued together from the Roswell Shelter where they were on death row, are reunited in their new forever home with absolutely incredible folks.  Watch the video of these two love birds below.  Thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make this happen.  Thanks so much to their new family for opening up their home and hearts to Sampson and Delilah!  Welcome home!

Emmy aka Penny Lane

“We just love our Emmy who was also known at the website as “Penny Lane.”  Her foster mom is the sweetest person.  I can tell, because she helped this amazing little girl develop wonderful manners and had a wonderful time in her young life with her foster siblings.  Emmy is a very loving, affectionate, and gentle soul who has already added a lot of joy to our lives.  Emmy has only been in her forever home for three full weeks, but she seems so happy.  She wags her tail all the time.  When my husband wakes up in the morning and comes into the living room, Emmy rushes up to say good morning to him and gives him wags of her tail.

Emmy’s fur coat is a shiny gorgeous black, and she has the most amazing chocolate brown eyes.  If one had the time, you could stare into those eyes all day as you pet that luxurious fur coat.  She is a big girl who can run really fast when she makes loops around the backyard.  She delights in going for rides in our Explorer.  The other day she was so eager to get in, she leapt over a tall plastic storage box we had in the vehicle.   Most of the dogs in Taos are ride along dogs.  Emmy is now one of them!

Thanks so much to luvinlabs, Colleen, and Krista who helped Emmy have a wonderful and safe life while she was in their care waiting for a forever home.  Emmy is indeed in her forever home.  We love her so much.”

Chaucer aka Lobo

Thanks again for yours & Alexa’s help with finding us Chaucer. He’s doing great ! What’s not to love ? He’s goofy, smart, affectionate, loves long walks, and falls over when petted. He’s adjusted fabulously to our home, and not only gets along great with our almost-11-year-old Lab, but seems to have rejuvenated Porter ! They play together happily. Chaucer learns new commands quickly, and is so proud of himself when he learns something new. The local dog park is always an adventure; he wants to greet and play with everyone ! At home, his hobbies include eviscerating his many toys into tiny bits, spreading his fur and love into every corner, and checking up on his humans with his big gorgeous eyes. He’s both clumsy and snuggly, as the bruises on my feet can attest. He recovered with light speed from his neuter and is ready to take on the world. We are so lucky to have this cutie pie in our lives !!

Takoda aka Ko-D

Ko-D is A GREAT DOG!!  Thank you so much for choosing us for him.

Luke aka Buck

Buck is really fitting in nicely! I thought you’d like this picture, he’s quite happy with his toy selection.


Thought you might like this picture of Lobo with his new family. He is so loved.


The “Lab formerly known as Duke” (we’re trying “Marlow” from J. Conrad’s books…) has totally made himself at home, to the point where he’s joining Zoe on our bed (until he starts snoring and we kick him off!). He’s located the various dog beds and comfortable spots around the house, and really likes laying in the grass in the yard. He is the master of the stairs and the doggie door, and became quickly addicted to his new “Kong” toy. He’s eating well, and looks like his weight and his coat are improving. He seems a little winded after a long walk in the foothills or a run with Teresa, so we’re mindful that he needs to get into shape and we’re not over-exercising him. His attitude is lightening up too, he got to go to the dog park near our house last week and he romped and played with 15-20 other doggies – nice to see!  So far he’s a great ambassador for Lab Rescue – he’s so well mannered and well behaved on the leash that neighbors and people we meet on the trails can’t believe he’s a rescue dog. We can’t believe how lucky we are to have him


Kona (previously Samson) has adjusted very well into his forever home.  He blessed us with his great personality shortly after we lost our beloved yellow lab Shasta(after 13 wonderful years).  We needed another 4 legged friend to renew our spirits as well as that of our 12 year old German Sheppard Elway.  Kona has certainly done that, but I’m not going to sugar coat it- he is definitely a LAB, and a PUPPY to boot!  Kona’s favorite hobbies include moving the family’s shoes from room to room, and sometimes into the yard.  He enjoys nibbling on his human’s ankles and arms in between cuddle sessions.  He especially enjoys pouncing, nibbling, and generally tormenting his older brother Elway(which is very entertaining to watch).  And of course, what Lab doesn’t enjoy a good snack; Kona’s favorites include our children’s stuffed animals and small plastic figurines.  Now where did those chips on the kitchen counter go?  At the end of such busy days Kona loves to cuddle up, making us somehow forget his transgressions.   We love Kona and all his feisty puppy-ness!!! He’s fun, playful, and friendly with everyone.  Thank you Luvin’ Labs for everything you do!  Well, it’s time to go take Kona for a walk…where the heck did my shoes go?



Marley has to be one of the happiest dogs we have ever seen. He has made himself quite at home and is very comfortable in his new environment. He loves all of the attention he recieves and is a truely a blessing to our family. He gets along great with his new feline friend “Penny” and they chase eachother in the backyard for hours. In the pictures you will notice that Marley thinks he is a lap dog and likes to sit on your chest. Most of all he is very gentle with two younger boys in the house and he loves to give everybody kisses! Marley is a great dog and has brought a lot of love to his new family!


We adopted Riley from the Clovis Animal Shelter 10-23-09 (the day he was to be euthanized).  He had been labeled as a high energy dog who needed a firm hand.  The truth is that he just went stir crazy being caged up.  Riley is so beautiful and intelligent.  He is very obedient and just a grateful boy.  We love him so much.  Thanks Tom @ Lodestar Labs & Colleen for helping us find Riley!

Murphy and Muna …

Meet our love bugs adopted from the Valencia County Shelter … “Murphy and Muna now Beau (Blue Collar) and Bella (Red collar) in their new home. just wanted to say thanks to the luvinlabs of new Mexico for helping us find them we had just lost our lab that we had for four years and these two have been a blessing …”

Domino aka Milo …

“I just want to give you a quick up date on Milo. He is doing GREAT!  He is making great progress on his idiosyncrasies. He now comes when he’s called almost always. I have trained him to come to a whistle so he hears it and can’t ignore me. He is getting better going through doors. and has become an expert at “Wabbit Wangling”.  Not sure how he survived before discovering rabbits. He has lots of new friends  4 legged and two and he just love playing w/ all of them. Has become a great mountain hiker. He is still skinny not due to lack of food but runs it off. Still can’t leave him alone but can leave him w/ other friends.  He is such a great dog and cute as ever. Oh and has also managed to find his way on the bed. Not quite sure how that happened except he is so cute. He and my cats get along great. It is just a win win situation. next weekend he will be spaing at the pool side in Las Cruces.”

Leo & Delios, our Rez Dawgs, now Murphy & Fenway …

“Our 20 year old son born in Boston, has renamed the boys.  Pop is Murphy (Irish), and son is Fenway (baseball).

They are adjusting wonderfully, with numerous walks along the Rio Grande.  We live in Rivers Edge, along the river in Rio Rancho.  The river is a short walk from our house.  Tim takes the dogs on walks (he is avid fitness nut), usually along the river to the Bernalillo Bridge on Highway 550.

On the first day here at the house they found the dog door and that was that, they come and go as they please.   They are both filling out and love their new home.  They get along well with our 3 and 7 year old grandsons… Thank you for what you do.  You are blessed!”