Retained by owner!  Meet Valentino, a fabulous almost one year old who’s owners would like to find him a new, better home where he has more exercise than they are able to provide.  Valentino knows the following commands:  sit, stay, come, leave it; go sit down, go lay down (even if he chooses to do one or the other); he knows when you’re leaving the house and may beat you to the door unless you tell him to stay and thinks he should go too;  will go everywhere you go for walks and in the car.  Has a really sweet personality. Loves praise. May blink his eyes at you to try to get more attention. Will jump on you unless you make him stop and say “No jump”; will climb up on whatever you’re sitting on to be close to you; sometimes he may lie still with his head in your lap. He is much better behaved when he is exercised on a regular basis.  Loves to play in the snow and will eat it.  I use the “gentle leader” on him when we go for walks; he’s not too happy with it but if I don’t he will drag everywhere he wants to go. He acts like he’s going to hyperventilate then he forgets once he really gets into his walk. He is housetrained and loves water …he had a kiddie pool this past summer and thoroughly enjoyed splashing all the water out of it so I put it under a tree so the water was not wasted.  At first he thought it was a giant water dish so he tried to drink all the water! He seems to be ok around the kids he’s been around and loves to play with other dogs.  Valentino loves to ride in the car, loves to be loved; loves to go for long walks and gets an attitude if it’s too short (10 min);  if you leave his crate open he will go in/out of it.  Even if you just push it together, if he wants to go in he will open it and go in, same applies for doors.  For more information on this sweet young energetic boy please call 505/362-0331.