TrippAdopted!  12/23/14  This handsome 7 year old guy is Tripp. Tripp’s owner recently joined the military and his first assignment was 2+ years to a place where his beloved Tripp could not go. We’ve been tasked with finding Tripp a home just as wonderful as he is. Tripp’s owner wants better for his friend than military life with a dad that travels for months and years at a time. Tripp’s owner tells us that he found Tripp as a pup wandering along the railroad tracks and he named him Tripp, which is Scandanavian for wanderer.

Tripp’s grandmother, who travels for work extensively, had this to say about him: “Trip is a gentle, gentle soul.  He loves to eat and will dance and dance when it is dinner time.  He is not hyper at all and would just as soon lay by someones feet all day.  He gets along with ALL dogs and all people.  He is a bit shy but not a lot.  He is the dog that stands in the background if there are a lot of people. He is so sweet.  He loves walks and did jog with my son when he was getting ready for boot camp.  When my son came home on leave, Trip was so happy, like, ‘here is my best friend home finally!’  This breaks our hearts.”

Add to that, Tripp is neutered, housebroken, can use a dog door, knows basic commands, he is not food or toy aggressive, he doesn’t jump to greet, and he is trusted to be alone in the house for hours at a time without issue… WOW! Better hurry if you want to put in an application for this wonderful dog!

If you are interested in meeting Tripp click here for information on the adoption process.  There you will find the online application which, when completed, can be emailed to Upon receipt of the application a volunteer will be in touch with you within 3 days.  Should you have additional questions call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing