Best news ever … Sasha is at home, with her foster mom who is adopting her!  YEA for Sasha!

Sasha ADOPTED came to us from a sister rescue.  She is a 9 month to one year old female black lab who’s doe brown eyes will just melt you. Sasha was saved from her life on a chain, and being beat continually by her cruel owners.  Her poor jaw is so out of alignment it hangs down on the right side.  One of her canines is very loose.  Her jaw cannot be surgically repaired, it has been broken and healed too many times.  When she came into the other rescue she was emaciated and scared.  She’s put on some weight, and was doing ok at getting over her fears and actually started playing with the vet staff where she was being fostered.  She loves tummy rubs, and lying quietly next to you.  She is very sweet and gives the sweetest puppy kisses out of her crooked mouth. From Sasha’s foster mama …. ” Sasha is a good girl, a sweet girl, and a pretty girl.  She is lots smarter than I realized.  She is housetrained, LOVES to play fetch, loves to play!” Please help this very sweet girl who just wants to be held and loved to find a soft place and loving arms.  For more information on Sasha call 505/362-0331.