Goldie was left at a wonderful families mailbox with food and water.  They took her in and she brought a special present, 3 pups!  Goldie and pups are now looking for their new homes.  They are in the Macintosh area and are available for adoption.  Goldie is somewhat shy at times if she is uncertain what is being asked of her. She can be very friendly and sweet, but has moments of distrust, I suspect from a family or previous home that was unsuited for a dog. She can be aggressive about food with other dogs, but if she is being monitored she’s fine and will not attempt to take food. She’ll gorges herself well beyond full. She probably was not fed enough, but more likely she had to compete for food. She is an attentive watch dog and alerts us. When notified that we are aware, she quiets down nicely. She has no other bad habits. Doesn’t run away. What she thrives on is consistency and assurances.

ADOPTED! Goldie’s Doberman puppy girl is attentive, alert, first to investigate unusual occurances, barks a bit much at first over it, but when asked to quiet down, she complies. She’s playful with the other puppies but no overly aggressive with them or her food. She will wait for the others to finish eating, before seeking out her dish. Appears to like to eat in quietude. She is quite intelligent.

Goldie’s Shepared puppy girl is somewhat shy, submissive to other dogs readily. Follows Doberman girl and looks and listens. Quiet by nature, but has gotten assertive at feeding time with those encrouching on her dish. She’s has no bad habits I can see so far. This puppy is also smart

ADOPTED! Goldie’s Collie male puppy, He is charming and sweet. Very submissive, rolls over on his back and urinates a lot. He spies me and comes running when ever he sees me. He has a slight chewing issue with garden hoses. Friendly, but can get very aggressive at feeding time if any other dog is getting near his food. He has a wide smile all the time, very cute. This little guy is very sharp and a quick learner.

For more information on Goldie or her pups please call 505/362-0331.