Dalton ADOPTED!! is a 6 month old lab pup who came in with his mama Daisy from Valencia County where they were out of time.  From his foster mama … “He bonds quickly. He slept with me last night and I woke up to a head on my shoulder. He follows me and Molly around everywhere. Loves to play. He cracks me up. He does this flopping over thing, whether it’s on his side or his back. We’re working on learning his name and sit. He’s going to get a bath later which should be interesting. He’d be great with a family that has another dog. I think he’d be ok on his own too if his humans spend a lot of time with him. He’s a puppy so if you don’t pay attention he’s into things. He’s very happy. We haven’t had any accidents in the house!”  For more information on giving Dalton his second chance please call 505/362-0331. 11/22/10 update from Dalton’s foster mom … “He would do best with a family that has another dog. He seems to love all dogs and people. Not sure about cats since I don’t have one, but my guess is he’d be fine with them once he got used to them being around. He’s a happy guy. Housebroken, uses the dog door, walks fairly well on a leash, does ok in the car, loves to play with toys, very eager to please. He’s learning his basic commands and takes treats from your hand like the good boy he is.”