ADOPTED – When we heard of Bubbles, here’s the story we heard … Bubbles owner has gone into a nursing home. Her owner’s son and a neighbor have been caring for her as best as they can, but now the son has been hospitalized down in Albuquerque. The neighbor has been doing the best he can to care for her alone but he’s afraid he can’t do it all alone and he can’t take her in because he has too many dogs of his own, so Bubbles (at 9 years old) was left on a chain, with a dog house, waiting for winter.

Bubbles is just the sweetest girl.  She has had a hard year but she is adapting to family life once again.   She gets along with children and other dogs, the older the better.  She loves going on walks and chewing on her bone.  She’s very quiet and doesn’t mind being outside for short periods of time, however, she loves to lay on her bed and have her belly rubbed.  I had the chance to meet her … She is SWEET!! She is BIG  : ) Bubbles needs a bit of a diet to find that svelte figure most 9 year old labs are looking for.  I took my oldest son who is 6’3″ and makes some dogs nervous cause of his size. I left her with him to get a new collar for her (cut out and threw out that dang old chained collar) and came back and she was sitting with her front half in his lap. Bubbles knows how to shake paws and loves to lie by you. Did I tell you she’s sweet??? Please give Bubbles the second chance at a loving home.  She really deserves it.

If you are interested in adopting a fabulous older gal with lots of love to give please call us at 505) 362-0331.

Bubbles waiting for her new home …