Adopted!! Beautiful Romeo is now with Luvin’ Labs in boarding.  This big lover boy (no pun intended) is a great lab just looking for a good home. He is 5 years old, walks well on a leash, and is doing ok in boarding although he’d sure love a foster family and a yard of his own.  For more information on Romeo please call 505/362-0331. Update from Romeo’s foster dad … “Romeo is the dog everyone wants when they think of a good house dog. He came into my house and was right at home. He found the dog door in less than a minute. He has never had an accident in the house. He came to me with another foster Sampson a 4-6 month old very shy puppy. He took the puppy under his wing and is really helping the young pup find some confidence. He is a mediator for the new pack with my dog,Sampson and himself. If the play gets a little rough with the pup and my dog. He steps in and calms things down. Romeo has  no dog, food or people aggressions. I can tell he has been in a family situation before. He walks on a leash like a master. he knows all his basic obedience sit,here,stay. If you are looking for a lab that is calm, does not chew, house broken, loves other dogs and loves to be with his owner. Romeo oh Romeo is the dog for you.”