How about being an angel to a lab?  Express your love for your lab, donate in memory of your lab, or help save a lab who is looking for their forever home.

Luvin’ Labs is Lodestar Dog Ranch. Lodestar Dog Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) corporation and all donations are tax deductable.

One hundred percent of donations are put into Dawhoo’s Fund and used to house and care for rescued Labrador Retrievers.

Dawhoo was our big brown eyed chocolate lab who we lost to cancer at eight and a half years old. He was diagnosed in the spring when he had a 16 pound tumor removed with his spleen. Rather than subject our big boy to more invasive surgeries and chemotherapy we chose to enjoy the remaining 7 months we had with him. We had just recently moved up to the east mountains, where he loved to hike his entire life, a bit of an eternal homecoming for him. Dawhoo was not the smartest of labs, but his eyes continually shone with the love he always showed us. Dawhoo, you are forever in our hearts.

We miss you every day big boy, and hope to help many labs in your name.

Donations may be mailed to:

Lodestar Dog Ranch
PO Box 52212
Albuquerque, NM 87181-2212

or via PayPal at:

Together we can save one soul at a time.

Hero’s Fund

The Black Pearl …  “To appreciate a diamond, the surface must be pierced to release the dazzling display of color that can come from it’s heart.  But to appreciate the pearl, the eye must simply gaze upon it’s surface to behold it’s soft color and peaceful beauty.”       Alain

We named Hero because of who he was. Despite the pain, hunger and misery he must of been in while wandering as a stray he was observed every day walking kiddos to the school bus stop and then waiting there to walk them home at the end of the day. Hero, despite two surgeries and so much love and support from all of us, passed away on October 5, 2011. Hero, you were a gentle loving soul who at only a year old had a horrible life. I hope in the end you left knowing how deeply you were loved and what a profound impression you left on many of our lives.

We have established Hero’s Fund, to raise funds and help in our ability to rescue black dogs in shelters. Black Dog Syndrome affects the lives of countless wonderful dogs in shelters throughout this country. Donated funds will be used to rescue and rehabilitate black Labrador Retrievers.

Click on the link below to contribute to Hero’s Fund.