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Meet Jack and Jill…Jack is a full-breed 10 year old yellow lab and Jill is a 6 year old black lab…and they desperately need a foster home.  Their owner is moving at the end of the month and they have nowhere to go.  They are both very friendly, enjoy the company of other dogs and love kids.  They are up-to-date with their vaccinations and have been neutered/spayed.  Both Jack and Jill know basic commands and Jack has received formal training.  They are house trained and walk well on a leash…maybe just a little pulling initially but take correction well.  They love people and need a home where they can get the attention they deserve.  As they have been together all their lives we would like to place these two best friends together.

Please help us bring Jack and Jill into the rescue by offering to foster them.  Call (505) 362-0331 and one of our volunteers will contact you.  If you are interested in adopting Jack and Jill click here for information on the adoption process.  There you will find the online application which, when completed, can be emailed to Upon receipt of the application a volunteer will be in touch with you within 3 days.  Should you have additional questions call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing



Meet Missy, a 13 year old female Yellow Lab. Missy is a deserving senior looking for a forever foster or forever home. She is blind and nearly deaf, however, she is intuitive and gets around well. She is able to use a doggy door and able to feel the warmth of the sun finding a spot to nap for bit when outside. Missy has a lifetime of experience specializing in love and loyalty and she can nap with the best of them. Her desire is to have a retired person navigate life’s journey with her. 

Please take a close look at this deserving gem. Missy is UTD on vaccinations, chipped and spayed.

Please contact Don Helfrich ( for additional information.

Owner Listings are posted as a courtesy with Luvin Labs acting as a facilitator in this process.  We will received applications, send them to the owner, and work with both parties to find a suitable home.  However, Luvin Labs has not evaluated these dogs and has only provided information supplied by the owner. We make no representations of, either expressed or implied, as to the health and/or temperament of courtesy listing dogs.


This adorable doll is Sandy. She  is a 6 year old female yellow Labrador Retriever in search of a new home. Sandy is a big dog, weighing in at 96lbs. She doesn’t jump to greet, is eager to please and can sit on command. Her new owner needs to practice with her on a leash as she gets very excited and she may need some work on her house manners since she has been primarily an outside dog. Sandy is a bit timid around people she has never met, but once she gets used to them she is very sweet to people of all ages. Her current owner describes her as protective over her home and her yard and says she is pretty relaxed in the house once she gets over her initial excitements. She also tends to be protective over her toys and treats. Sandy’s owner describes her as the queen of her backyard and wants the very best home for her where she will be loved and get lots of attention. She is not spayed (so she will need to be) and needs to be screened for heartworm but she is current on all other vaccines.

This girl deserves a wonderful home where she will be loved and cherished. She might make a wonderful pet for a single person who wants a loving companion who also offers a sense of protection over her home and her people.

If you are interested in meeting Sandy please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to  Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing


This beautiful senior is Marlo, a 10 year old black female lab.  Her owner describes her as “loving, kind and patient.  She is comfortable around other dogs and wonderful with children.  She has a sweet and calm demeanor.  Marlo is a very happy dog and loves to show excitement by wiggling.  She is not showing any signs of aging, still very mobile and flexible.  She is at her happiest around people and just wants to be loved.”  Marlo is used to being in the house, is up-to-date with all shots, spayed and microchipped.

If you are interested in meeting Marlo please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to  Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing





This beautiful 9 year old black female lab is Misty.  She’s described by her owner as friendly, gentle, sweet, good with other dogs, kids and even cats.  She loves to take daily walks wearing her own harness, she does not jump to greet, is used to staying in the house and has excellent house manners.  Misty loves her people, but if left alone in the yard is able to jump a 5′ fence.  Misty’s owner no longer has a place for her and has less than a month to find her a new home.

If you are interested in meeting Misty please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to  Should you have questions on our process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing



Rythim copy


This one year old black female lab mix is Rhythm, currently in foster.  She’s described by her foster as a very friendly pup, gets along with every person, child and adult she meets.  When she is not playing, she wants to be right beside you and will, without fail, roll over for a belly rub.  She is very smart and well-manner.  She knows “sit” and is very respectful to both the foster’s cats.  Rhythm is working on leash training and is already house trained.  If you are interest in meeting Rhythm contact  Courtesy Listing




This handsome guy is Ty, a golden/lab mix.  He’s one year old, neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations.  His owner describes him as very calm, easy going, great with kids, adults and other dogs.  He is very loyal and loves affection.  He enjoys walks and is good on a leash.  Ty may need some training in good house manners, but wants to please and will learn fast.  He’s not a jumper, either fences or to greet.  If you are interested in meeting Ty please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to  Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing


“I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. “God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t You do something?” God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. “I have done something,” He replied. “I created YOU.” ~ Jim Willis ~