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Owner Listings are posted as a courtesy with Luvin Labs acting as a facilitator in this process.  We will receive applications, send them to the owner, and work with both parties to find a suitable home.  However, Luvin Labs has not evaluated these dogs and has only provided information supplied by the owner. We make no representations of, either expressed or implied, as to the health and/or temperament of courtesy listing dogs.


1 year old female Madeline (aka Maddie) is in search of a new home where her human doesn’t have to travel for work all the time. Adorable Maddie is a sweet all-around dog who would be a great addition to just about any home. Maddie’s owner has this to say about her: “She is very friendly and loves other dogs. Her best friend is a Chihuahua. She loves her family, kids –she is very much a puppy and very much a Lab –she loves to get out and run when she can and she loves water. She is a good watch dog. Trying to teach her not to jump on you (which she does sometimes when she gets excited)….but overall a great dog. Potty trained –she tells YOU when she needs to go –usually with a paw on the arm. She is a great dog.” Maddie spends most of her time indoors and frequently stays in the house alone for part of the day with no issues and she’s totally house trained. She does OK on a leash and works a bit with a trainer while her human is away on work travels. Her owner did reveal to us that Maddie occasionally pulls the stuffing out of her toys <GASP!!> (We are happy to tell you that this makes her a perfectly normal 1 year old dog). Maddie is spayed, UTD on all vaccines and on heartworm preventative.

If you are interested in meeting Maddie click here for information on the adoption process.  There you will find the online application which, when completed, can be emailed to Upon receipt of the application a volunteer will be in touch with you within 3 days.  Should you have additional questions call (505) 362-0331. Owner listing


BlakeBlake is a beautiful, black, 2 year old male Labrador Retriever- these pictures don’t do him justice. His owner is being forced to move and only has a limited window to find him a home.  He has a great time with older children and adults, but his playful “labbiness” may not be right for smaller children or persons who are not steady on their feet. He thinks that toys are very special things that should be loved and played with often and, true to his Labrador roots,  he also thinks that water is the best invention ever. Blake has cats in his life and his current owner says “he chases them but has never hurt them” (not exactly a vote of confidence). He gets along with other dogs, but he can be selective as far as other male dogs go (for example, he thinks the male Shiz zu in his life is a fine friend, but he’s not such a fan of male Basset Hounds). Blake needs some basic obedience training- he has lived in kennels almost exclusively so he may also need a little work on house manners. Blake is UTD on all vaccines, but has not been heartworm tested. If you have time to invest training a new dog, Blake just needs a little refinement to reach his full potential. He is beautiful and has tons of potential.

If you are interested in meeting Blake click here for information on the adoption process.  There you will find the online application which, when completed, can be emailed to Upon receipt of the application a volunteer will be in touch with you within 3 days.  Should you have additional questions call (505) 362-0331. Owner listing



We are Thor (white) and Dharma (red), a pair of sweethearts looking for a new home.  We are very playful and love toys as well as other dogs.  Our owner recently lost his battle with cancer and his final wish for them was that they find a new loving home. We take a bit of time to warm up to new people, but we are great cuddlers once we do.  We are a matched set and must be adopted together!  We are looking forward to falling in love with you.  If you are interested in meeting us please call Santa Fe Tails at (505) 820-0731.



If you are interested in fostering or adopting Reggie, please call Jemez Valley Animal Amigos at 888-828-8522 ext. 3. Courtesy Post





Einstein and Rigby are two handsome young boys in search of a forever home.

9/19/2014 Update from Einstein & Rigby’s temporary owner:  “Einstein and Rigby are quintessential labs; they love people, water, fetching and your company. They are always friendly to everyone, and greet you in the morning with lots of love and joy. They are both healthy and love to go for walks. Einstein in particular is wonderful on a leash- he is so gentle that my 4 year old can easily walk him. They are great in the car, and after any adventures, love to take a nap on the floor right by your feet. :)”

When they first arrived, they weren’t sure what to think about cats, but have adjusted nicely to them. They also get along with with other dogs and don’t seem to guard their food.
Rigby is crate-trained and does a good job of staying in at night. He usually starts off the evening in his bed, but by morning is snuggled up with one of the kids.
Einstein is so intelligent and handsome. He is more mellow than Rigby, and quickly figured out how to open our doors. We are crate-training him, and he is quickly learning to ‘go’ outside.
These are lovely, active, wonderful animals who will quickly win your heart.


Their temporary owner tells us that “on June 28, these two beautiful and sweet black labs were dropped off at our farm. They appear to be brothers- they get along very well and never fight about food or toys. They seem young and look like purebred labs. We are unable to keep them, as we already have four rescue dogs and don’t have the budget for food for these guys- they have giant appetites!… these dogs are WONDERFUL! They would make excellent family dogs. They have not growled or acted aggressive/territorial. They are sweet to our dogs as well.” Einstein and Rigby LOVE children and are great with adults. They are also fascinated with chasing cats but it seems to be playful so they may be able to adapt to a feline friendly home. Their temporary owner has recently taken the boys to be checked out by a vet and neutered.

Einstein and Rigby can be adopted either separately or, if you are looking for a twofer, they would be happy to stay together.

If you are interested in meeting Einstein and Rigby please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing

Einstein and Rigby2

BusterandchaplinBuster and Chaplin are 10 year old males who are in desperate need of a new home. These sweet boys have been together since birth and have never known life apart. Their owners are moving out of state for a new job and are not able to bring them. They tell us that both dogs are very friendly and obedient. Chaplin likes to check in on his people and he prefers to be indoors relaxing with a rawhide.  Buster enjoys being outdoors where he can run around- he has a playful personality and likes people. They both like cats, and are good with children and other dogs, but they prefer female dogs. Buster and Chaplin spend the majority of their time in the house: they are house-trained and they know their basic commands (sit, stay, lay down, and shake). The boys are neutered and micro-chipped, but they need to be updated on their vaccines. They are both healthy, although Chaplin has a bump on his left eyelid that his owners are not able to afford to have assessed, and Buster has some mild arthritis in the winter months.

Please help us find these guys a home where they can spend the rest of their years together and never have to know the stress that seniors experience when they suddenly end up in the shelter. Their owners have been working hard to network them on Facebook and with friends and family. Let’s help them find these sweet, deserving boys a home.

If you are interested in meeting Buster and Chaplin please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing






This beautiful senior is Marlo, a 10 year old black female lab.  Her owner describes her as “loving, kind and patient.  She is comfortable around other dogs and wonderful with children.  She has a sweet and calm demeanor.  Marlo is a very happy dog and loves to show excitement by wiggling.  She is not showing any signs of aging, still very mobile and flexible.  She is at her happiest around people and just wants to be loved.”  Marlo is used to being in the house, is up-to-date with all shots, spayed and microchipped.

If you are interested in meeting Marlo please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to  Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing



Ithica 1
Ithica is a 5 year old female black lab (and aspiring yoga instructor) who is in search of a new forever home. She is described as a sweetheart who loves to cuddle, and believes the term ‘lap dog’ is discriminatory to larger dogs. She has been with her human since she was a pup, however their new roommates are allergic to her and their dog refuses to roll out the welcome mat for this sweet girl. Ithica gets along with humans of all shapes and sizes and is a typical, bouncy, young lab.  She is good with cats and other dogs, but prefers to be the only female dog in the home or to be with a non-dominant female. Ithica is housebroken, spayed and micro-chipped but will need to visit the vet soon to update her vaccines and heartworm test. She is not food or toy aggressive and doesn’t nip or bite. Ithica requests a yard with a 4′ fence.

If you are interested in meeting Ithica please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing



???????????????????????????????This beauty queen is Savannah and she is 1.5 years old. Her current owners are moving out of their home and must say goodbye to her as their living arrangement will no longer be suitable for a dog. They tell us she is a very sweet, busy girl who gets along with everyone- humans of all sorts, dogs and cats. Savannah is still a baby by lab standards: happy, active, curious… She spends most of her time indoors and is house-trained, knows how to use a dog door, and has completed obedience training. She enjoys walks and does fairly well on a leash. Savannah is spayed, microchipped and UTD on all of her vaccines. Savannah has been known to be very mouthy and needs boundary training so she can grow up to be the best dog she can be. She also requests a fenced in yard with a minimum 4′ fence.

If you are interested in meeting Savannah please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing


Remo and Evie

Meet 7 year old lab/hound cross pups and best buddies Remo (male) and Evie (female). These two dogs love people of all ages, although Evie can be a bit shy around new people until she gets to know them. Evie and Remo are good with other dogs and they are excellent with cats (their other BFF happens to be a cat). Remo’s current owner describes him as extremely loving, gentle, friendly and eager to please. Evie is described as a gentle and friendly girl. Both have been through obedience training and are OK on leashes, except for they have a tendency to pull.  These two dogs have excellent manners- they don’t jump to greet, are not food or toy aggressive and they don’t dig or have issues with separation anxiety. They’re also both spayed/neutered.

Evie and Remo are a bonded pair and have been best friends since they were tiny pups so their owner feels it is important to find them a home together.  Maybe you could arrange to meet these two sweet dogs and see for yourself what a great pair they are!

If you are interested in meeting Remo and Evie please complete the online application found by clicking here and email to Should you have questions on the process or the application call (505) 362-0331.  Owner Listing


Meet Missy, a 13 year old female Yellow Lab. Missy is a deserving senior looking for a forever foster or forever home. She is blind and nearly deaf, however, she is intuitive and gets around well. She is able to use a doggy door and able to feel the warmth of the sun finding a spot to nap for bit when outside. Missy has a lifetime of experience specializing in love and loyalty and she can nap with the best of them. Her desire is to have a retired person navigate life’s journey with her. 

Please take a close look at this deserving gem. Missy is UTD on vaccinations, chipped and spayed.

Please contact Don Helfrich ( for additional information.

Shorty10 year old female, Shorty is a sweet, well-mannered Chocolate Labrador Retriever who has found herself in a rather unfortunate and stressful living situation- a kennel at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Somehow, even though she’s afraid, she has managed to make the most of her situation by becoming a staff and volunteer favorite, receiving excellent marks on her doggie report card (happy disposition, loves people, enjoys gentle interactions with other dogs). A shelter, though, is no place for a senior pup, so we are hoping a special someone can give Shorty the forever home she deserves. Shorty has some typical senior ailments so she will require a little extra TLC (cataracts, arthritis and diabetes). We would like to point out that, in spite of her medical issues, she is still a bazillion times easier to care for than a puppy: she promises not to bury all your shoes, or to harass you mercilessly for no discernible reason… she will, however, show unlimited gratitude to the kind soul who sees past her ailments and appreciates her wisdom and humility.

Shorty, our paws are crossed for you, Sweet Girl! We hope that an angel will see your beautiful face and take you home and love you for they rest of your dog years. If you are interested in Shorty please contact info is the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society 505-983-4309

“I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. “God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t You do something?” God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. “I have done something,” He replied. “I created YOU.” ~ Jim Willis ~